Thursday, April 5, 2012


I was always fascinated by these gentle giants who roam the earth. They look so calm and in no hurry.
Unfortunately they are used for joy rides or in the temples or in the circus (I wonder if the ban on using animals in circus is in force now)
In a natural surrounding, elephants have no predators, but are threatened by human intrusion and poaching (a sad fact)

Have yet to physically see an African Elephant, but the ones in India are also quite huge.

I was impressed by this one, the way he neatly tore off the palm leaves with his trunk and guided it to his mouth.

This lady was petrified of the huge animal, but at the same time she wanted to cross over to the front, so that she could click her husband and child. The mahout had to make a show of holding the elephant so that she could pass. I was watching the whole episode (and clicking at the same time) Later I asked the man on the elephant for his e mail ID and send across the soft copies of these. Was he happy. 

Every year in January these elephants come out in procession during the temple festival in Cochin (South India)

These trunks can suck in 14 litres of water at a time and then blow it into their mouth. (yes that chain around the feet should not have been there)

While writing this post I learned something new. Like humans who are right handed or left handed, elephants are right tusked or left tusked. Usually one is shorter than the other based on their use. If the left tusk is shorter and rounded then it’s a left tusked one.
Considering their body size, the eyes are real small but they take in everything.

I stopped my car and crossed the road to click this picture to include both the elephant and my car in the frame. Incidentally last week a publishing house in Mexico asked me permission to print this in one of their books. 

Once done, I will add the link here. (I wonder what they are going to write about this gentle giant)


Bikram said...

indeed a gentle animal so big and strong yet it lets a man take control of it..
beautiful picture and congrats on being asked for the print of the picture :) it is a lovely picture.

Bikram's said...

..really like the elephants ..huge humongous animal ..all these pictures are beautiful and very informative...thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I was lucky enough to see several elephants, very close up, when I was on safari in Tanzania. One even wandered into our campsite at night to drink from the water tank. They are majestic beasts, they have always inspired me with a sense of awe.

A said...

Elephants are so wonderful. And peaceful. And powerful.

judysnwnotes said...

wonderful picture-filled story

anilkurup59 said...

As much as the torture in a Circus, these gentle animals are driven to their nadir end by the long walks on the asphalted bot roads en route to temple festivals ( almost all of them in the height of summer in Kerala) and the soft padded soles meant for the damp grass and earth of the jungle are blistered by the heat on the roads. Then the long and endless vigil with the deity and bedecked during the festival.
It is against god to torture animals and all for pomp.