Friday, March 10, 2017

Squashed rat

I was at the comp typing out my new blog post when wifey casually said “There is a new man in my life”
I turned and looked at her, trying to comprehend what she said.
She said “meet Mr Cute” and dangled this little guy in front of me. 

I knew that she was into crochet of late, but this little guy took me by surprise and brought a smile on my face.
In December she was busy making angels of different sizes and shapes.

I asked her “They are so colourful, aren’t  angels supposed to be all white?” 
She said “These are for kids and they enjoy colourful things”

Last week I got a shock when I saw this head lying on the cot. 

When I asked her she said “Oh that is just the head, wait till you see the rest of the body”
I love the small things that she makes, like these key chain Owls 

Or the little book marks. This cow with a big head.

I photographed this squished mice book mark on a Spice book and inside the book titled "Sholay" that I was reading

Some of the things that she has crocheted has reached different parts of the world, like this pillow case which has reached Canada 

This scarf and cap has reached Australia (waiting for the cold season to set in) 

These frocks and skirt has reached California 

I wonder how the Australian immigration allowed a squished rat to enter their country. 

Frogies are her favourite, whether it be a simple one or a book mark. 

Her work table where she was working on a doll as well as a rattle. 

Finally she finished her work on the doll and asked me “Can you pack this and courier it to Chennai?” 

Now that put me in a fix as I had to ensure that it was properly packed and more important was the fact that it should reach the recipient at Chennai.
My anxiety reached new heights when there was no news from Chennai even after six days !!   I consoled myself that maybe they were sorting out the squabble between Sasikala and Paneerselvam and delivery of a crocheted doll is last on their priority list.
It was only when I  got a photograph on WhatsApp on the seventh day saying that it was safely delivered, did I leave a sigh of relief.  

Even the dolls looked tired after all the travelling they did.

So I decided to take one more picture of our Mr Cute in our garden happily sitting next to the onion sprigs.      

Talking of the garden, this is the last flower of the season (Vanilla) There are eleven beans holding on which means about 30% success in pollination. The longest bean is 9 inches. 

Now for the next step – Vanilla  extraction. 

PS: addition on 11th March - Little Mrs Mousy gingerly standing at the edge of the Ikea table. 

PS: 12th March - The Hedgehog came creeping in today.  

PS: 13th March - The Koala refused to look at the camera

PS: 24th March - This doll took some time and some say that the previous one was better. 

PS: 24th June - The Angel sisters are pretty happy and don't mind standing on the "nut case"  

PS: 28th Sept - The shoes are also ready

Update 29 January 2019 : Out of the three Santa, only one is left and the calf is the latest addition.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Annual Day

The thrill of being in a different era, the era of the Peshawas, or so it seems from the expression on this boy’s face. 

These children were taking part in a dance show and it’s a first time that they are on stage. 

Three dressed up for three plays, all from different era 

It was good to see the kids tying their own ghungroo and getting ready for the dance  

I saw the Lezim performed by this group at three different places, (twice in Mumbai and once in Pune) but the best coordinated movement was here on stage at the Annual Day function.

Sharing the water bottle while waiting for their call.

This little guy captured everyone’s heart with his depiction of Raj Kapoor’s  song Mera Joota Hai Japani

There was this little girl who had to spin round and round holding the dia (lamp) in her hands. After the spin, she was feeling giddy and everyone thought she would fall, but she stood her ground and was steady till the curtains closed. Here she is doing another skit to the tune of “ata majhi satakli”

The school ensured that all the 43 students were on the stage doing something or the other as per their capacity. Liked the idea of the seniors giving a helping hand wherever required.    

Each one gave their best and the parents were thrilled to see this new avataar of their kids.