Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mumbai Race Course

It is sheer coincidence that I got to see two horse race within a span of three months. The first one was in October at the Pune Race Course. 

Had been to Mumbai many times but this is the first time I have been to the Mahalaxmi Race Course. The Race was a part of the Christmas Fest held by the Indo German Chamber of Commerce. 

Had a look at the VIP and the VVIP stands and I am sure that they are just as they were from the British era. 

These doors with these special handles could be a later addition. 

Some photographs of Queen Elizabeth on her 1961 visit were on display. 

Was impressed by this security guard who came up to me and checked my I-card to see if I was really authorised to take pictures. 

These judges had to climb up and be seated at the finishing line before the commencement of every race 

A girl having a close look at the horses as they pass by 

 while this little guy is wondering what all the fuss was about 

 (he also gets a lot of footage at the end of the video)

You get to see a good cross section of the people from the city at the races 

These young ladies wanted their group picture to be clicked with their mobile phones and later agreed to pose for my camera too. 

I was impressed by the outside ambiance of this eating place which is connected to the race course. 

I assume these are some regulars over here, but I liked the relaxed attitude that they had, meeting other like-minded people and discussing things in general. 

It is also that time of the season where the young and the very young can display their choice of clothes. 

Concluding with a shot of the place in the day time and how it looks at night. 

If you are watching the video on YouTube, keep the settings on 720pHD for clarity.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mumbai Christmas Fest 2014

The best thing I liked about this year’s Christmas Fest was that children were having a gala time. 

Everyone wanted to give the skating blades a try, and they enjoyed falling and trying again. 
The Christmas father was the main attraction for the young ones and the big line to get the goodies was proof of that. The organisers had a tough time keeping everything in order.

I liked his entry in a "fancy sleigh"

A group of kids happy to pose with him 

 while some were a bit stiff 

 I even found a child petrified of this white bearded alien and was clinging to his mother, bawling away.  You can see more in the first video.

This boy was posing on a Vardenchi motorcycle while another one waited (are they twins?)

Kids were getting the hang of playing the tambola (housie)

The showman kept the toddlers happy with his jugglery 

While processing this picture, I had a close look at his nose and was wondering how he could perform with that ball continuously pinching his nose.
At the end of the show, they were eager to be photographed with the "colourful men" (or rather the parents were eager)

Some had the added advantage of a good view from the top.

Nobody wanted to miss the chance of being photographed in front of the Christmas tree.

Later in the evening, the German band Die Vagabunden entertained the crowd and there were many on the dance floor  (as is evident from the video

A section of the crowd enthralled by the band. 

The IGCC did a good job of arranging the complete event and there was no dearth of food or beer.

The band group posing with some friends 

 and a candid shot

Some were ready to give a posed shot

while some were busy with selfies

By the way this is the first time I used a dual shoulder harness for my cameras and found it very useful and handy. Like one guy told me “You are the most dangerous person in the party” When I asked him why, he said: “with two cameras hanging on either side, we don’t know which one you will pull up and shoot”   

Planning to write two more blogs, one on the Mumbai Oktober fest and another one on the Mahalaxmi Race course

If you are watching the video on YouTube, keep the settings on 720pHD for clarity. One more video has been uploaded on Facebook.