Friday, March 25, 2022

Barbet and its nest

It is really interesting to see how these small birds coexist with each other. I was watching this pair of Coppersmith Barbet building their nest and in the process saw many other birds on the same tree.
I also observed that the Barbet had a set routine during the day. At the crack of dawn he sits on the eucalyptus tree close to our house emitting his tuk tuk sound. Once he moves on, the Mynahs parks themselves on the tree creating a lot of racket. Then comes the sunbirds flitting around pretty fast, followed by the fan tail with their peculiar tweet.  Once the sun is real bright, the pair of grey hornbills do make their presence felt.
More like a fixed time slot for each bird. The Barbet  does not get distracted by the other activities on the tree, like the parrot feeding the young one.
Or the male koel sitting on the same bark where he is chipping away the wood for the nest.
Earlier he started on the east side and went pretty deep with the hole, but abandoned it. Could be the wood was hard, or could be that the sunlight would hit the young one directly.
Have made a small video with whatever I could capture. Now the Barbet is working on the west side, away from my line of visibility.  If I can capture some action from the other side, then maybe I may come up with part 2 of this video. We can name it West Side Story.