Saturday, December 12, 2020

fifteen kms cycling

 Very soon the mechanised vehicles in Pune will be replaced by cycles. Wishful thinking? Well, there are all indications that this may happen soon.

Did a 15 kms ride this morning and it was very refreshing to see the young and the not so young pedaling away. Some were doing a mix of walking and cycling 

Reminds me of something the Dutch Cycling Embassy had put out on their Tweet, "My hope for 2021 is that we can move beyond the shiny and new, and focus on real world solutions that are proven to work. Don't build Hyper loops and Tesla tunnels in cities where it remains unsafe for a child to cross the road or a parent to ride a bike"

When you are at a slow speed you can take in some of the landmarks of Pune, like the Shinde Chhatri at Wanawadi 

Or the Ohel David Synagogue (Lal Deval) near Camp

Talking of Camp (Main Street) it is a different sight, with all the shops closed in the morning. 

The St Patrick's church looks grand against the morning sky.

One has to be a little alert in the morning as there is no saying who will cross your path (and they have the right of the way) 

It is good to see some youngsters practicing football 

Passed the race course and saw the usual sight over there, horses getting their early morning practice ride 

It seems time stands still in some areas of Pune like this picket fence and the grand old tree. My guess is, this tree must be more than two centuries old. 

Made a 3 minute video on my 15 kms ride. Like I said in the beginning, lets give back Pune its old title of "City of cycles"
My cycle is back home, rearing to go for another spin tomorrow morning.