Sunday, August 2, 2020

Garden Crate

It is good to see the finished product after struggling to complete it for the last two weeks. 

We had a futon which was extensively used for more than a decade and then discarded and not in use for the last few years. As the wood was of good quality we decided to use it to make a garden crate 

After putting it together we used a shower curtain (again discarded) to line it. I had to use a plastic sheet inside, as a shower curtain is not exactly water proof material. The idea was to see that the crate lasted as long as possible. For the water to drain, we drilled two holes and inserted small pipes 

On the inside we made it snug fit with the plastic so that water and mud won't come in contact with the wood. 

So the futon which was in use in the garden for so many years has come back to the garden in a different form 

Maybe I will start off with some lemon trees in the crate 

The rectangular pot seen in the second picture is used for sowing wheat. Within a week the wheat grass blades are the right size for extracting the wheat grass juice. The medicinal properties of this juice is multifold.