Sunday, June 25, 2017

Stretching and twisting

Nothing like seeing the youngsters taking an interest in Yoga. 

International Yoga day was celebrated last Wednesday and the participants were  a mix of the elderly and young ones. 

For those who could not sit on the floor, special chairs were provided. 

Stretching is one of those basic body movements that we forget to do on a daily basis. 

And the same goes for twisting. With proper guidance from the instructors, practically all could do it well. 

Some exercises work well with the help of a partner. While performing there is also a sense of “helping each other” 

While doing the “vrikshasan” alone, your raised palm goes only up to the top of your head, whereas while doing it with a partner your palm moves further by which there is a good stretch on the side ribs. 

The eye exercise is very relevant especially in the present era of computer screens 

I captured the complete program in a video of 16 minutes, but had to break it up in parts to send it across in 1.5 min capsules through WhatsApp. (the latest mode of communication for all) 

On the whole a good experience. My recommendation - make Yoga a daily habit.