Saturday, January 25, 2020

Nedumudy and Fish curry

When wifey saw the drumstick in our garden she said "let us make some fish curry"

So it was my duty to pluck one and the instructions were very clear  "make sure you cut the fat one as the other one is still tender"
It was washed and peeled and cut into equal pieces (I have always wondered how she manages to cut them exactly into the same length without using a measuring tape) 

I kept hovering around in the kitchen as I wanted to click the finished product. I saw that she was following the recipe "Meen Muringakka curry" 

The aroma and the taste when fish is cooked in a chutty (earthen pot) is very appetising 

As she was cooking I glanced through the recipe book and found that this Meen curry happens to be a delicacy of Nedumudy, one of the larger villages of Kuttanad (Kerala)
This village takes you to a picturesque hidden nature known as Munnattumukham, where three rivers mingles each other and flows. This is the spot where the river  Manimala joins the river Pampa 

So now there is only one drumstick remaining, and my guess is that this will go into the Sambhar next week.