Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Market Festivals

When it comes to Market Festivals, most of the items displayed are very colourful. 

Had been to the Randolph street Market Festival last weekend and it was the perfect weather to stroll around in the sun.

Got to see some antique stuff, like a box full of radio valves (or are they TV valves) I can’t make out, but brought back memories of having to put on the radio and wait for all the valves to heat up so that we could hear some songs. 

This transistor radio was not overly priced, so I presume its not a working model.

There was this “Stereo record player” and a collection of records. Some of the records were priced under a dollar. 

There must be some meaning to these birds in the olden day globes

Saw this old poster of James Bond’s first movie and by the time I was ready to click it, the poster was already sold. 

Had a chat with the guy who bought it and he was all game to pose with it. He said that he is yet to see the movie and bought the poster for his Dad who was a James Bond fan. I told him that I too was a fan and that Sean Connery was the best James Bond so far. 

A table had a display of many tools used by carpenters and plumbers.

But I was intrigued by the odd shaped teeth that was on this saw. Wonder what it was used for......

Some colourful paintings of Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

And some musicians with their instruments

Talking of musicians, there was a band playing the good old numbers especially from the 50s and the 60s I was impressed by their music and their retro attire.

The mic too that they used were from the fifties. You can hear some of the songs and tunes in the video 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Big Band Boom

What a perfect ambience for a relaxed evening. A live band next to a small lake with a few couples dancing to the classics of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. 

Had been to the Schaumburg Town Square this Monday and enjoyed the wonderful performance by the Band known as the Big Band Boom.
I heard that they are a 17 piece group and from the way they were playing with ease, I am sure they have been around for a while. 

While scanning the audience, I noticed one gentleman enjoying the music as well as making sketches.  

On closer look I found that he was quickly making sketches of the performers. 

As the show was in progress, there was this small girl who was searching for her father. Announcements were made and soon the father was located. I liked the drum roll that was given as the father and the daughter ran to meet each other (you can see it in the video)

The crooner did a good job while shifting the song tempo with the advancement of every decade (If I am not mistaken, her name is Candace) 

It was good to see couples on the dance floor having a good time.

I always liked the box guitar (compared to the electric guitar) and was happy to see that these guys were using the box guitar

As the evening progressed, the setting sun gave the perfect golden light, which is a photographer’s delight.

Meanwhile the sketch kept progressing. 

On the whole an enjoyable evening.