Saturday, December 4, 2021

Vanilla Pods

It is a good sight to see the vanilla pods hanging in the garden where fifty percent of the flowers were successfully pollinated. Now we wait for them to dry so that we can use them to extract the vanilla.
Here is another picture, clicked more than a month ago where you can see the flowers blooming, ready to be pollinated. The dry flowers still clinging on, shows that they have been successfully pollinated.
The bottle you see is from nuttie artzz. It looks better at night when the lights come up inside the bottle.  This season the yield of drumstick was pretty good. One of the regular visitors is the purple sunbird who goes in for the nectar from the Moringa (drumstick) flower.
The Ashy Prinia prefers to hang around or maybe even hang on the Moringa. No threat to my Moringas as the bird weighs only about 7 to 10 gms.  (Google facts)
Instead of throwing away the Mosami (sweet lime) seeds, I tried germinating them.  Most of the seeds sprouted which I planted in this pot.
As they grew I saw some designer leaves and found out who was responsible for it.
Clicking flowers against the sunlight makes the picture pop up.
I think the sunflowers also wait for the sun to rise.
As I was clicking the Begonia, this bee wanted to make a guest appearance.
The tomatoes came at the right time considering the upward trend of the price.
Nothing like some homegrown spices. Uprooted this lot from the 1ft x 2ft rectangular pot and got 1.4 kg turmeric. Now to dry and grind them for some organic turmeric powder.
The bulbs (roots) are saved for replanting in the next season.
The chiilies are just growing and hope to get a good yield after repotting.
The brinjals (aubergine) that came up this time is of a different variety.