Friday, May 26, 2023

Things you see while cycling

I prefer to move around on a bicycle as it gives you the liberty to stop and observe things. Like I halted at this bridge to take in the nature and the activities around it.
That is when I saw this great Egret trying his hand at fishing. He did try a couple of times and the success rate was something like one in five.
There is this big park with a water body and an excellent cycling/jogging track around it. (Volkening Lake) Suits me fine as one lap around the lake adds a km to my daily target of pedalling.
You get to see many activities over here, like this man trying his hand at fishing.
He must be good at it as I did see his catch on my third lap.
You keep meeting joggers and fast walkers who are regulars over here.
I saw these young cycle enthusiasts who were trying to help each other in fixing a stuck bike
There is some exercise equipment fixed over there and at times one gets to see it in use.
It may be someone performing solo or maybe a group of students from the school nearby.
There are some who like to paint and the pretty flowers get transferred to their canvas
The thrill of maneuvering a sailboat with a remote is something different. I stopped to capture a bunch of enthusiasts having a gala time.
Spoke to one of them and he confirmed that there are no motors on them to propel them forward. It was just wind power and how you flip the sails that gives it direction. I was really fascinated by their skill, and their dedication to meet on a daily basis to enjoy the sport.
I had enough footage to make it into a ten minute video.
If you are lucky you get to see a variety of birds, like this blue heron was flying very close for a good shot
or this black bird in the bulrushes daring me to come any more close to him (probably he has a nest somewhere close by)
While pedalling alongside the main road, I observed these postal delivery vans zipping past, the only vehicles I noticed in the US with right hand drive.
They were perhaps so designed so as to allow the driver to get in and out without the fear of the oncoming traffic (where there are no road dividers) It also gives access to the postmen to reach the roadside postbox without alighting.
All that is mentioned above is capsuled into a short video so that you can see some of the action.
Then there are things that make you think from the design point of view, like why do some benches have only one armrest ?