Monday, February 8, 2021

Black Kite and the chicks

It is not everyday that you get a ringside view of what is going on inside a bird's nest. That too a Black Kite's nest.
Happened to see this nest from our kitchen window, and from the terrace the view was perfect.
The best part of it was that the nest was exposed to the early morning sunlight which was lighting it up with a golden glow, as if the inside of the nest was lit up with a table lamp.
Noticed that when the Kite fed the young ones, she broke up the feed into small morsels and fed the chicks alternatively ensuring that there was no overfeeding.
All the activity went on in the nest with the accompaniment of cacophony from the rose ringed parakeet.
The coppersmith barbet produced the intermittent tuk tuk sound. It is interesting to note how the barbet makes the sound. The beak remains shut during each call. A patch of bare skin on both sides of the throat inflates and collapses with each tuk and the head keeps bobbing.  ( in the video at 2:46)
The Crow Pheasant (Bharadwaj) was prancing on the same tree but on a different branch.
The Grey Hornbill and Ashy Drongo did their balancing act on the wire
The purple sunbird was busy collecting nectar
While the mother bird sat with the chicks, she sent out a small bird call (typical of the kite family) by just opening the beak a wee bit. You will notice it if you listen with a earphone (at 5:53 in the video
The male makes frequent sorties to replenish the food.  In one  such sortie, I found that he had got a large piece of thermocol. Obviously he could not have mistaken it for food for the young ones. So I am guessing he got it to line the inside of the nest.
I did see another piece of thermocol on the floor of the nest, probably placed there while building the nest.
I shudder to think the harm it could cause to the young ones if they ingest it - the harm caused by man made waste which was not disposed properly. When it is not feeding time, she gathers the chicks under her feathers, maybe to keep them warm.
It was interesting to observe the mate waiting for the next call, and yawning in between.
If I get more footage, I hope to make part two of the video (till the chicks fly away)