Tuesday, June 25, 2013

On the way - Part 4

Continuing with the journey (from part 3)  . . . . . . .
In a child’s life, learning is a big step. I like the way this mural covers the wall of a school building. You get to see graffiti and paintings on walls but this is something very rare.

All Saints High Sschool
You will come across many churches around this cantonment area and it is good to see that they are well maintained.

175 year old All Saints Chuch

St Andrews church Khadki
One the oldest railway stations of Pune is the Khadki station. It was (and is) the siding station for the Ammunition factory and the 512 Army Base.  There was an old hand operated Fire engine at this station, some thing like this.

 I wonder if it is still there.

Talking of the siding, there is a gate (probably was used as a level crossing) near the station. As it was a bottle neck for the flow of traffic, they have paved the way on either side of the gate, without removing the gate. I assume it could be the paper work/red tapism that goes on between the State and the Centre. (Railways and things related to it come under the central govt.)

Once you cross the station a side way glance gives you some wonderful view of fields and trees. An unexpected sight from a highway with heavy traffic. It’s the Military farm area. Probably that explains why it is still green and not gobbled up by the land sharks.

The Harris bridge is the third bridge that I cross over the Mulla river.

It  has a parallel bridge that takes care of the railway line between Mumbai and Pune. If you are lucky you will get to see the Deccan Queen passing over it around 7.25 am.

There are many firsts for the Deccan Queen. The first Super Fast train of India being one of them. It being the first train to have a dining car, the walls of the diner is lined with pictures from the erstwhile GIPR (Great Indian Peninsular Railway) The first class fare in 1930 was Rs 11 and 4 annas. Today it is Rs 330.
The culvert that goes below the bridge has eased out the traffic a bit. Pune was once upon a time known as the city of cycles. I am happy that at least one cycle has come in my frame.

The CME is one landmark that no one can miss.

Earlier we could see some interesting things that are inside from a double decker bus. I presume these were the props that were used to train the Engineers. This is not possible now for two reasons. One, the double decker buses are off the road and the height of the wall has been increased with the road widening.

As you go along, you may find some peculiar items being sold  at the traffic signals, especially in the morning. This is one of them.  A bunch of lime and green chilly.

Some say it will ward off evil if you tie it on the vehicle. Some believe in it and some don’t. To each his own.  I say it’s a waste of vitamin C

Morning is the time when the supplies are carried from the main market (Gultekadi) to the smaller markets.

By observing a few vehicles you can make a rough guess about the items in short supply and what is abundant in the market for the day.

Transporting families on two wheelers is a common sight in Pune. Sometimes it is four on a vehicle. One can imagine who the first causality will be here in case of an accident.

And talking of safety, one unsafe practice that we observe on a daily basis is the way children travelling to school.

I wonder if anyone can guess how many are inside this auto rickshaw.

As you approach Nashik Phata you see this huge flyover being build. It is supposed to be a multi-layered one, and when completed it will look like this model (hopefully)

When my vehicle crosses this part (the partially built one) I imagine that it is going to take a leaping jump from the edge of the unfinished bridge

Something like Sandra Bullock did in the movie Speed

(no harm in allowing your imagination to run wild)

I must say that the work is moving at an appreciable speed and the highest level could be a little uncomfortable for people having acrophobia.

I wonder why those sieves are dangling under those drain holes. To disperse the rain water?

From the way one part of it is being painted (with spot lights added) I presume a part of the flyover will be thrown open for public use very soon.

Some uncommon sight on the highway. This man has probably found some fire wood for his home fire, which may last for some time.

I think I will conclude this with some of the greenery on the way. Its good that the city fathers made the six lane roads without sacrificing the old trees.

Maybe we can start the detour in the next episode (if I have enough pictures)


Ms Sparrow said...

You have so many ways of transportation. I would worry about the family on the little motorcycle too!

Anonymous said...

Great capture .love the way you get in so much of variety. I felt as if I was on the journey with you .cindy

Mina Menon said...

Woow tht was some picturesique walk thru......

Jeannette said...

As always..thank you for your generous window onto your part of the world. You convey much in your trailing banter through your hopes and concerns and humor all peppered with insight.

Christine said...

wonderful photos, very interesting post!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Joe .. love the photos showing us around ... there's so much railway engineering history in India - and I guess the railways helped open up the country ..

Very interesting .. cheers Hilary

Indrani said...

Excellent street shots!

Gattina said...

Must have been a very interesting trip !

Lowell said...

These pictures are fascinating to me as I've never been to your country and have not seen much more than touristy photos of it. Loved taking this drive with you...every shot full of interest!

Joanne Noragon said...

Thank you for visiting from so far away. I see many of my friends here already!
India has so much history; I hope I can catch up.

Dee said...

Hello! I am so enjoying traveling with you and seeing the sights of your area of India. Everything you share with us is of interest to me. I so enjoy learning about other cultures and about the history of a place. I'm so glad that you came to my blog several weeks ago and left a comment. Because I came and found your blog--a real gem and treasure! Peace.

mail4rosey said...

What an interesting post full of information, and I really enjoy your writing style.

I've seen some old fire engines, but never so old they were hand pumped. That one you've put up as an example is pretty cool.

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hi joe!
great blog!
greetings from croatia!

DeniseinVA said...

A lovely post and I enjoyed the photos very much, thank you.
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great post and the pictures and amazing..m sure it must have been an interesting trip for you as is apparent from the pictures .
thnx for the virtual tour.:)

Ankita said...

Lovely shots! I loved each one :)

padmaja said...

You have caught some lovely moments that are seen even else where in India, the transportation of families for example, I have been wanting to catch those women sitting happily on the onion bags , this is flexibility to the core and I love it!