Monday, November 5, 2012

Nursery Furniture

I remember, when I was small there was a cradle which was supposed to be my bed. Come to think of it I remember it clearly because the same cot was used for my brother and my sister when they were born. There was this one side which was like a “cage door’ that would slide down making it easy to pick up the baby. I don’t know from where my dad got it, but it was made of wood and was light.  It was something similar to this cot below.

By the way this picture of the Ashton Cot is from the site Nursery furniture.
One of the hazzles the parents face is feeding the child. It’s a real messy affair. I found this folding high chair very practical and it looks like a light weight one.

As we grew up the choice of the toys were also limited. Now a days the availability of toys and its accessories are just mind boggling. So when its a birthday (especially of a child) then we are always in a fix as to what to buy for the child because the house is already flooded with so many toys. For example this Chota Bheem toy basket that I found here at hoopos is something that any child would like to have.
Just that secure feeling that all his toys are safe with Bheem while he is fast asleep.
One of the things that I liked is the organic Peggy bear wooden peg. Its real cute and one of those things that a child would like to gaze at while drifting off to sleep.
Some of the bathroom accessories are also eye catching like this tooth brush holder.
I found this in the nursery room and bathroom accessories.
 All said and done the variety and option is to the advantage of the parents - and the kids who enjoy it.


Bikram said...

hmmmmmmmmm I was born in a era when hardly any of this existed .. I shud get born again I think to enjoy all the comforts

and living in a village did not help and no electricity :)


Beth said...

Interesting post.

Have a wonderful day!

Shilpa Garg said...

Now-a-days, there are sooooo many things available for kids, that parents can go crazy shopping for their lil ones!! Whichever house, you go, you see loads of new kiddy things that always leave you awed and impressed at the variations and innovation!

Pinku said...

thanks for all the links...will try em for sure..

Unknown said...

The choices are immense.One has to cough out a lot of dough to buy them, especially good, sturdy, safe stuff. it is also a very colourful world for the little ones.

A said...

Yeah I had a bed just like the one pictured :-)

Sharon said...

Nice post...and thanks for your entry in the Diwali Hamper Giveaway on my blog.

sharon said...

love the toys ..simple yet catchy ,,,

Renu said...

Today my grandson has all these things and many they have different chairs and rockers etc etc..somethings are needed and some are just consumerism.

Unknown said...

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