Monday, October 3, 2011

Fluffy Omelets

Omelets are not my favourite as I still prefer mine with the sunny side up (bull’s eye)
But the Omelets made at Mere Poulard (Mont St Michel) is something worth writing about.

They are fluffy, thick and unbelievably soft.

I had to see how they were made, so went to their kitchen which is accessible for the tourists.

The complete process of making the omelet is there for anyone to see, but obviously the “ingredients” and “combinations” are kept a secret. (some say the white and yellow are beaten separately, and some say they don’t add salt)

They say that the copper pans are hand hammered.

Better than describing it here, it is better that you see it in the video (link at bottom)

What I liked about it is the way they beat the eggs, it’s a synchronized motion which is almost rhythmic and musical. So while observing them I had a germ of an idea “it would be wonderful to add music to their rhythmic beating of the egg” In fact its great when all three of them beat together but unfortunately I could not capture it.

Also observed that the girl was very neat with not a drop being spilled, where as the boys were ……… well all are not perfect, or maybe they are new to the task.

As for the price, I must confess that the omelet was a bit over priced.

While you try out the special fluffy Omelet, here is an interesting bit (for those who love history)

During the French Revolution, Mont Saint Michel became a prison. In 1815, a man named Mathurin Bruneau came back from America claiming to be Louis XVI's son and demanded his right to the throne! His uncle Louis XVIII wasn’t about to give up his crown. Officially, Louis XVII had died in 1795 but nobody was quite sure about this. Mathurin tried to prove his real identity by writing to his sister, the Duchess of Angouleme. She replied with a list of private questions that only her brother would have been able to answer. Unfortunately for him, he never did receive this letter (it remains today in the French National Archives). He spent five years in the Mont Saint Michel prison and died in 1825. So no one will ever know the truth!

A view from the top where some tourists came on horseback as a group.

And a view of the tourist vehicles parked down

For those who are dying to know the recipe, here is a link where somebody has explained in detail.

I think the secret is “freshest eggs” and “the way you beat it”

Now enjoy the 4 minute video. (for those who face problem in opening it here, can either click on the bar at the bottom on You Tube, or just go to YouTube and search for Haddock54 and there you will find Fluffy Omelets)


Connie said...

Those omelets do look good. I guess they have made so many of them that they have it down to a science.

Jeannette said...

Great little film.

S. Susan Deborah said...

My husband loves loves omelettes and also makes them well. I just loved this post, its details and the pictures. Sometimes one does not think of all these details but while on a vacation, we have time and mind to appreciate the varied sights, sounds and details.

Joy always,

Neha said...

Those look good and my Dad would love them. He is a big omelette fan!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Love fluffy omelets! Have you tried the Spanish omelet? said...

very it..
Yes fluffy omelettes are very popular...they are the taste..BUT..not everywhere.
there are omelette stations ..I am sure you must hve seen..has all kinds of filling you can customise..
Marriott has huge omelette station for the guests in morning for breakfast..
Yes they put no SALT unless you demand.

deeps said...

thats a brief cookery show…
thanks for sharing this experience of your… worth experimenting at home :P

Shivani Singh said...

:)Ahhh omelette my favorite too. Only thing fluffy or not i like it gooey,oozy liquidy thing in between.Got reminded of those while at Paris and no matter how much we explained we never got any in those two weeks ever done properly.
Yours look yummy here but i wonder if it too was also liquidy inside.
Thanks for sharing the history and everything.
:( the video clip however would refuse to open and gave a message all the 3 times i tried," An error occurred please try again later."
So maybe laters... and beating eggs i can try but how to get the freshest eggs unless you're raising poultry in ur own farm.
Hahaha... just saying... and tell u what the secret is that someone else has done them for you.
Ask any housewife like me who cooks and she'll tell you, she loves the omelettes done by somebody...and sure i am not taking about the megalomaniacs but generally i find people who cook do not relish their own cooking.:)
Oh yes about making music to rhythmic beating of the eggs the idea sounds good only thing that the school kids here are actually doing it in school competitions and this one where i was also present was called ' Kitchen Chronicles' and the music ' ROCKED!'

mgeek said...

Nice pics...

Fresh Local and Best said...

Picked up some really good tips for making a fluffy omelet. I need to get a copper pan. Those handmade one must be beautiful!

Haddock said...

@ Shivani
As I have mentioned click on The YouTube link and it should open.

Mridula said...

Looks yummy I am sure it tasted yummy!

shilpa said...

wow! they turned out perfect omelets and that too cooking on fire!

a delightful post, love the bit with the music and the boy beating the eggs, and totally coveting the copper vessels :)