Saturday, September 4, 2010

And we flew away

I am the youngest of the three chicks and I think I better wind up this long story, as some of you may be getting bored with this story of the birds.
The eldest one flew away 4 days ago. I don’t know exactly what happened but she was suddenly found out of the nest. She hopped on to the pudina (mint) pot 

and from there on to the bamboo fence and then flew into the tree nearby. 

(Mrs H clicked the above two pictures) So mama had a double job of feeding us as well as the one in the tree.

Mama is a stickler for keeping the nest clean and when ever she does that, one of us chicks has to step out. So there I stand outside while mama does the house keeping.

Mama is so busy with the cleaning that papa flies in to feed me. Now that is what I call a family photo, well almost, with all four of us in the frame (except for the eldest one who flew away)

After the feeding session papa flew away. But before mama flies away, she just hangs around to see that I am safely back in the nest. 

In one of the cleaning sessions, the middle one decided to stretch her wings and just flew out.
That is me and papa looking at that daring act by my middle sister.

She had a safe landing next to Mr H (by which he could click these two shots) After ambling around on the terrace for some time she hopped on to this wooden chair and from there on to the railing.

The tree close by must have been very inviting for her as she too flew into it. Mama and Papa were very concerned and followed her. There were a few crows around and  mama & papa had a tough time chasing them away.
That is them taking a respite and making sure that the coast is clear of those pesky crows.

Now it is only me and I am kind of feeling lonely and sad.

Don’t I look like the boy who is punished in the class room and made to stand in the corner.

Enough of hanging around the nest. I think I too will take that flight to freedom.
So I follow the same pattern that I saw earlier this morning. I too land safely on the terrace. 
Aha so that is the kitchen.

I try and try and finally hop into the kitchen. 
Does that picture make me look angry? Maybe I am giving Shantabai (the maid) a mouthful. “Shantabai, this is the first time I am coming to your kitchen and you have not made anything special for me?” 

Just joking. Actually she too is one of the household members who used to keep a keen watch on our progress.
But my entry into the kitchen had mama and papa in a panic. They too entered. Here you can see me on the floor and mama sitting on the meal safe. 

Papa got in and was stuck at the window and did not know how to get out.  

Finally I hoped out and so did mama. But papa was really stuck (finally Mr H had to slowly slide open the glass window so that he could fly out) 

Miss Pigeon sitting on her pedestal outside was all perplexed by the confusion that was going on.

I sat in a corner for some time where mama used to come and feed me from time to time.

Hopped on to the big slippers and rested there. 

Walked under the big wooden chairs (does all this remind you of the movie “Honey I shrunk the kids”) 

Is it a bad bad  world out there ? 

But that is life. One can’t always be under the care of the parents for ever.
So that is the last you see of me as I too am going to join my sisters in that tree. Maybe mama will feed us for some more days till our body is fully formed and then we are on our own.
Who knows I may come back here one day to make my own nest !!

But before I go I would like you to see that picture which was termed as yuck by my elder sister in the second episode of this story. (as both of them are not around I can show it to you, and yes that is me in the shell, still to be hatched)

For those of you who have missed the earlier two episodes, they are:
Episode one :   Choti Chidiya
Episode two :   The Eggs have hatched


S. Susan Deborah said...

Empty-nest syndrome! Literally! I am glad the the world has opened out for the chicks (the real ones!!!). I wish the three of them best in their meanderings in this wide world.

BTW your house looks lovely :) Can I drop in for a cuppa tea sometime?

Joy always,

Amrita said...

hey! no one is getting bored here. In fact I have been following the career of this bird family with great interest. And now that the fledgelings have finally learned to fly and they are out there on their own, i am actually feeling quite

Superb post indeed...and quite a experience you and your family must have had watching this at close quarters... i am glad you took the effort to share it with us :)

Jeannette said...

Never was this bird story boring. The ghost narrator has told their tale in a most charming way. There is much reveled in the dedication witnessed...the careful turning of the eggs, the feeding of the young, the balance of providing protection and urging toward competence and a new generation. I am glad these birds picked your family for neighbors...wisdom was at work.

Gauri Gharpure said...

it's so heartening to see these birds grow and fly away.. you have captured the process so beautifully.. i wish these young adults all the luck

Tomz said...

I discovered that there is a thing called 'boredom' only when you mentioned it..we hope the choti chidiyas will be back with some new adventures..

Summer Ross said...

They grow up so fast...:) said...

ur house looks with Susan Deborah
wud like to have a cup of Coffee..:D
hope you don't mind strangers!

Haddock said...

@ Susan Deborah
Yes all are feeling the empty nest syndrome. Thanks for the compliments about the house, and you are most welcome. Whenever you are in Pune you can just drop in.

@ Amrita
Thanks for that.
Noticed that all are feeling sentimental

@ Jeannette
Yes we are also lucky that they picked our place to build the nest.

@ Gauri Gharpure
Thanks for that.
I think the chicks are in a better position now some where in the wilderness 

@ Tomz
Yes me too (waiting for new adventure)

@ Summer Ross
Yes some thing we also noticed, the speed of growth is very fast (when compared to human beings)

@ Harman
Oh yes most welcome. When you are in India, just give us a tinkle and drop in.

BK Chowla, said...

Awesome.Lovely reading on a Sunday morning

Lowell said...

So very interesting and entertaining. I don't think I've ever seen this kind of development which ends with the birds leaving the nest in photos before. Well done!

Patty said...

Thanks for your visit. What a beautiful story, with photos, of your nest full of birds. Sounds and looks like you are a very caring person towards wildlife.

Shalini said...

Hmmm...all's well that end's well!!
Very nice of you to let these birds move around your house..
Bye bye lil birdie!! We hope to see you again sometime...:)

Chintamani said...

Congrats Mrs and Mr Bulbul for having lovely kids and successful breeding season.

I know Mr. Haddock, he is a good person. Hope he had not have troubled you.

See you again next season ...

Wanda said...

Wonderful story and pictures....thanks for stopping by my Sunday post. Yes, I remember that little song GO tell the World!

Shreeya said...

I really liked these pictures. I have just read the Hindi story "Nadaan Dost" by Premchand in my school textbook.In that story too a bird builds a nest in the home of two children. But that story had a sad end. I am very happy to see the little birds fly away

Sangu Mandanna said...

Aw those are amazing photos! Love the little bird, he must be lonely now!

Talli Roland said...

Wow, I LOVE these photos! Thank you for sharing! said...

Darn, I read the last post first. Even though I didn't follow the proper sequent, this documentary is amazing. You must consider making this a picture book. It appears you have a bit of Dr. Doolittle in you, and clearly, the birds are very intelligent and talented, too. And what beauties.

I have trees in my yard that are an absolute eyesore. Still I won't cut them down because of the birds they attract in winter. And guess what? For the first time, I spotted a hummingbird in the yard. I so love birds.

This was a pleasure to read. Thank for sharing.

vicious said...

simply supperb pics !!!

Buttercup said...

Great pictures! Thanks for stopping by Buttercup's.

Shionge said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog :)

I saw you have captured very interesting photos of the birdies and it is everywhere :D What a joy and delight and you know what? I've always enjoyed the Animal Planet on TV so this is super coo :D

Kavita Saharia said...

You are having a great time and we too.Your pictures are very clear and beautiful.Your plants look healthy and well kept.Lots of hard work there.
I think i know someone who is going to love this bird-series.
Once again thanks for sharing.

RGB said...

It was a wonderful experience following the birds' story. And the way you've narrated it with a generous dose of some lovely still shots, we couldn't have asked for anything better! Hope to hear more such stories of life around :)

Sandhya said...

This post is superb! I enjoyed the growing up pictures of the red-vented bulbuls again and you have narrated the story beautifully.

Kavita, thanks a lot for introducing this blogger to me.

Let me read the previous posts about these birds now, thank you!

Ann said...

Loved the story and the photos. Know the empty nest feeling. It is sad.

Fickle Cattle said...

Those birds are adorable. Awww.

Hilary said...

You've chronicled their emergence into the world so beautifully and with humour. Nicely done.

Rachna said...

Very nice. great pics.

Indrani said...

So well narrated.
Hope the next season brings you more of them. :)

Pink Mango Tree said...

Nice pictures... But I hate birds in my balcony cos the day I clean the left overs, my back breaks!!!!!

Nostalgia said...

Awesome! Too bad we missed the progress first hand.

Haddock said...

@ BK Chowla
Good to know that you had a nice Sunday morning

@ Jacob
Very true. I was keeping my fingers crossed for a happy ending

Thanks Patty. If we respect nature, nature will respect us.

@ Shalini
Yes, the last one had a free access to our home. Hope she returns one day.

@ Chintamani
Yes I made sure that all photographs were taken without disturbing their natural movements.

@ Wanda
Thanks Wanda

@ Shreeya
Yes Premchand has got some good collection of stories.

@ Sangu
Yes the little one too flew away and due course she will find a mate

@ Talli Roland
Thanks Talli

@ Shellie
There must be some truth in that Dr Doolittle thing, as both the chicks flew out in my direction. I thought they were supposed to be scared of humans.
As for your yard, keep the trees and greenery and see the birds slowly flocking in.

@ vicious
Thanks there.

@ Buttercup
Good to know that you enjoyed.

@ Shionge
Yes had to click lots of pictures and these are some of the best.
Good to know that you enjoyed Animal Planet

@ Kavita
Yes we did have a great time observing them on a daily basis.
Oh yes Sandhya did login in and has left a comment (in fact she has commented on all the three posts)

What you said is true. Still shots have more effect than a movie.

@ Sandhya
Good to know that you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking time and commenting on all the three episodes.

@ Ann
Thanks Ann. Yes we all are feeling the empty nest syndrome, but its also a good feeling that it was a successful breeding season for them.

@ Fickle cattle
Thanks for that.

@ Hilary
Thanks Hilary. A sprinkle of humour keeps it interesting.

@ Rachna
Thanks Rachna

@ Indrani
Yes we are also looking forward for the next season.

@ $$
You are lucky to have birds in your balcony. There are some who don’t even get to see that too.

@ Nostalgia
Serves you right for not dropping by once in a way :-)

Keri said...

this is fascinating and very moving. you've done a terrific job with the photos and capturing the whole process. Awesome.

P.s. Nice of you to stop by my blog. I'd love to know more about the book you have about Liz Taylor. She was a true beauty and a real live super star. Take care, Keri from:

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Joe: Fun photos of the babies leaving the nest.

Juliana said...

Joe, so much fun going through the pictures...thank you!

A Lady's Life said...

AWWW that was a lovely story.
Hope things go well for the little birds.

Jen said...

Very Cool! I love watching nature.

Cloudia said...

Birds never bore! especially in such great shots!

Warm Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

Latha Nair said...

Bore??? Whats that???
You've kept us entertained with
three awesome posts-so glad about it.
Can't really decide which was better-
the narration or the pictures :)

grace said...

most baby animals are cute. not so for birds--they're hideous, but the become beautiful eventually. :)

Archivegirl said...

Thanks for dropping by on my blog.. glad you dound something of interest. I am loving the saga of the bird's nest :) have a lovely day


Anonymous said...

It was nice reading your story and your photos of those birds are so lovely.
Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

NRIGirl said...

Thank you for the picture essay! They spoke a thousand words!!

~ NRIGirl

texasnascarcowgirl said...

that was a great story!!! I loved it and the pictures.

Renu said...

woh !! what a pictorial story!!..A little bit of house can be seen and I love that too.

radha said...

Lovely story in pictures. Just like the owl one you did sometime ago. If it is interesting, it is not boring!

Haddock said...

@ Keri
Thanks for that.
As for Liz Taylor, it is somewhere tucked away. Once I locate it, I will scan the front page and send it to you by mail.

@ fishing guy
Good to know that you enjoyed the fun pictures

@ Juliana
The pictures has to compliment the writing or it will fall flat.

@ A Lady’s life
They must be already flying around the place.

@ Jennifer
Good to meet another nature lover

Thanks for that. Aloha.

@ Latha Nair
Thanks Lata. That was the main idea. To keep one entertained by visuals as well by text.

@ Grace
Your observation is so true. They look awful without the feathers.

@ Archivegirl
Thanks there. Good to know that all liked the bird saga

@ Shelia
Good to know that you enjoyed it.

@ NRI Girl
Like they say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Thanks there.

@ texasnascarcowgirl
Good to know that you enjoyed the story.

@ Renu
Good to know that you enjoyed it. Hey as for the house, I can give you a link by which you can see the rest of the house.

Oh yes the Owl thing was another saga. And come to think of it, one Owl spend the whole night on our terrace last week. We did not disturb her, but in the morning we had to clean all the droppings.

jdavissquared said...

I love the shots of Miss Pigeon! She looks nosey. ;)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your kind words! Have a great day.

Bikram said...

he he he i loved the way you wrote the whole article and the bedding plants in the first pic, I am in envy now ..

the pictures of the little one WOWO and hte pigeon .. as the above comment she looked NOSY, really interested in whats going on...

Your house looks beautiful...

All the pictures are awesome ...

The Joyful Crafter said...

Your house is beautiful...
I enjoyed reading this article ☺

Thanks for dropping by my site ☺

Amrit said...

Superb pictures...some of them are like birds are going to come out of screen clear and focused and full shot.

Jo said...

From eggs to flight - wonderful :-) Thank you. Jo

Haddock said...

@ jdavissquared
Yes the Miss Pigeon was an additional bonus and she was really puzzled by all the activity.

@ Bikramjit
Thanks for that. As for the house there is another link to see the whole house.

@ Peach 360
Thanks for that.
As I said above, for the house there is another link to see the whole house.

@ A
Some how I managed to get some good shots of them. There are many more in my stock but I did not want to flood the post with so many pictures.

@ Jo
Good to know that you enjoyed the complete process (it was a learning experience for us too)

Ola said...

I am visiting your blog for the first time and I am really impressed with those bird-pictures! So beautiful

Unknown said...

I wish i could show these pictures to my mom (but she is not very computer savvy). She loves birds so much, and these are fantastic photos.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
*kisses* HH