Thursday, October 8, 2009

Left handed

Whenever I see a left handed person drinking tea, or for that matter any one drinking with his/her left hand, I am reminded of my friend Nanya (Swar)
We were at hotel Sunshine, situated at Deccan, opposite Natraj theatre. After ordering our chai, with Bun maska (Bread with butter) we decided on the usual number “Pop Corn” to be played on the juke box, which could be played at a quarter of a rupee. (even though the anna system was abolished, people still referred to it as char anna) After finishing the bun maska, the tea arrived and Nanya as usual picked up his cup with his left hand (even though he was not a lefty) When I asked him about this peculiar habit he said “most of the people are right handed and they use their right hand to pick up a cup, by which one side of the cup touches their lips. If we use the left hand then the other side touches our lips by which the chances of being infected through the cup is minimized” Talk about the slip between the cup and the lip !! Somehow at that time I was impressed by his logic and started following suit.
Now Natraj theatre is not there nor is the hotel Sunshine (and the juke box) but the habit of using the left hand is stuck with me.
Another habit that got stuck with me (I don’t know how) was to use my left hand to comb my hair !! You see I had that big puff in the front like Dev Anand and maybe to keep the hair standing that way I had to use my left hand. The irony is that now I don’t have much hair left but when ever I reach out for the hair brush (to comb that little patch on the sides) it’s the left hand.
I wonder how Amitabh combs his hair (or what others think is HIS hair)


Haddock said...

This is what my friend Kirit Oza had to say:
received your mail after long time
probably u were busy solving myth
of megapixles or probably planning your
visit to fish market or juhu sea shore
article on your blog is really superb
it was like talking to you over a glass
of chilled beer and fried mouth watering
and enjoying music on your 24 hrs radio
music service and watching local team
playing cricket while enjoying snaps
and a hidden story behind it
but as you watch the tv serials and
those commercial breaks
my computer
or the router i am searching the culprit
was hanged but finally i could read the
complete article and enjoyed the images
regards to all at home
keep posting
....kirit oza........

Neha said...

The logic sounds good. I'll try to follow suit now on.

Buzz said...

God made me a left handed and well when I see my videos... it does look strange... something different... considering the fact that I've not met many left handed people :) But yes, people do give me a feeling that I'm unique in my small ways :) Thanks for your blog though :)

Anushree said...

hi Joe Uncle,

I've seen n met swar uncle so many times bt i really never noticed tis habit of his... Hence first must appreciate ur observation power which completely agrees wit ur passion of photography... Secondly it is really nice to knw ur group's memories.. As kid's we hav always heard abt u al n trust me til now we are hearin new things everytime we me meet u al.. :) it's nice knowin ur memories sometimes i feel today me miss such kind's of bond's.. Comin back to your blog its wonderful n must say swar uncle's logic is perfect :) n best thing is u've adopted it too :) next time i meet u people i'm gonna click a pic of both of u havin tea wit left hand :) :)
The next most beautiful thing is i got to read oza uncles comments too... We al have lost a very precious part of our lives bt his words quoted in so many forms always keep him alive in our hearts..
Wish to read more blog's of your group members too :)