Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Some things you learn early in life. Like how to avoid the cow's horn. The distance between my residence and school used to be lined with bullock carts and horse carts, mainly to cater to the timber shops at Lakda Bazar (Victoria Road became Lakda Bazar) These bullocks have a habit of tossing their heads from time to time. It could be to chase away a fly sitting on the other side, but when the head goes to one side the horn goes in the reverse direction, and some of them have really long horns. So if you are not quick enough to side step, that horn is going to get you. The same goes with their tails while chasing away flies. So if you don't want to get yourself painted with (you know what) you better keep that distance.
Had been to my school lately and took some photographs. That picture on top is my fourth std class room. Brings back memories. I find that the class room has shrunk, and so is the ground. (wonder if everyone has the same experience)
It was sad to see that the ground has been tarred. I wonder how the kids play football now. I mean, to play football after school hrs in the rains with a roll in the mud is a totally different experience. The best thing I liked about that school are the Jesuit priests, who used to fold up their cassock and join you in a game of football.
Talking of mud and slush, what is life if you have not experienced squishing mud in between your toes on a rainy day. 

There used to be a gong hanging in that open window in the corridor (in the picture below) 

Mr David was entrusted to ring the gong which announced the change of period. There were times when he was not around at the stipulated time, so some Master would go and ring the gong. Within 5 or 10 minutes Mr David would arrive and ring the gong again, adding to the confusion and entertainment of the students and the teachers.   


Sangeetha Subhash said...

appealing write and picture!!brought bk lot f memories :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

What a great memory you brought back to me. Not the cows, I don't know anything about that! The talk of mud and slush. So true... what is life if you have not experienced squishing mud in between your toes on a rainy day! Loved the post and pics!

Anonymous said...

Very well written,,, its nice to walk down the memory lane,,,

Adarsh Malhotra

Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe Zach. You took me down memory lane.
God bless you Joe.
Vernon Barretto (ex ANZA school)