Saturday, October 17, 2009

A festivity of light.


Its Diwali and happy Diwali to all.
Good to see so many Diyas and Rangolis in front of many houses. (to know more about Rangolis, click on the picture above)
Went driving down in the evening and it was a welcome change as the usual traffic was missing. But it was tough navigating through the anars and the rockets strategically placed on the road, not on purpose but then when there is a space crunch you can't help it.
Some of the shops were closing down early to do their puja. Good thought.
By night fall we were back home and the intensity of the crackers were increasing.
Pulled up my easy chair on the terrace to relax and make the most of it with the sky lighting up more and more. Was just wondering if there was any way to reduce this noise pollution.
A thought crossed my mind "where is the recession?"


Nostalgia said...

Oh no! You don't want recession by no means.. I would rather deal with the noise pollution. Happy Diwali!

Sangeetha Subhash said...

Ha ha..:)
wish u & ur family the same..enjoy & have fun.