Friday, October 9, 2009

Juke Box

Talking about juke boxes, now a days you get to see them only as a novelty in a few hotels. One of them being Hotel Mondegar at Colaba, Bombay (now Mumbai) If you look hard you can spot the Juke box in the pix.
The ambiance is good, the location is perfect but the service needs improvement. The best thing I liked there was the murals by Mario Miranda, one of the well known cartoonist of India. Goa being his hometown, its little wonder that the Railway Station (Mudgaon) is adorned with his murals. There was a time when “The Illustrated Weekly of India” used to regularly carry his cartoons and I used to eagerly wait for every issue. His illustrations were mostly the simple yet chaotic life in India. The magazine also had Beau Peep which I used to tear out and collect (I still have about 50 pages of them)
The film actress Konkana Sen's dad used to write a column in that magazine. I think it was called Mindsport and really made your brain creak.


Sunita said...

I'm a Mario Miranda fan too. He's brilliant!

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hi Greetings:)

Juke boxes reminded me of my younger days in Chennai marina beach Buhari hotel. Juke boxes were a novelty in those days and every Saturday I used to go there with my friends and spend a lot of my pocket money listening to the songs.

Is this a Goan hotel? In which case you will get pork sausages and fenni, I suppose. As you said the ambiance is wonderful. The lady facing the photo looks like Suu Kyi in her younger days:)

Have a wonderful day:)

Haddock said...

Hi Joseph,
I am not sure if its a Goan one. But Goan sausages are the best when compared to others.
Fenni (cashew Feni) is good for clearing your cold and blocked nose.