Thursday, February 8, 2018

Birds in Chandigarh

It is so nice to see new leaves sprouting up at a place where a tree is cut. A sign to say that life goes on 

It is also nice to see birds doing the balancing act to get to the flowers. Here is an Oriental Reed Warbler among the sarson field (mustard field) 

Had been to Chandigarh last week and clicked some of the birds over there. 
Have heard the tuk tuk sound for so many decades but was never able to pin point the actual source. It was only last week I saw the Coppersmith Barbet in action, and I was like “OK so this is the guy who was eluding me all these years” 

I captured him in action by zooming more than 100 meters and hence the sound is very faint  (in the video) Even though they don’t have long beaks like the woodpecker, their nest is made by carving out a hole in the tree trunk. 

The Oriental White Eye was hopping around pretty fast and it was a challenge to keep her in the frame. 

The Indian Grey Hornbill was sitting on top of a Pipal tree swaying in the breeze.

 I have observed (even in Pune) that these hornbills move around in threes 

Almost all the birds were up but this parrot was still sleeping 

These two looked like a pair but the one in the foreground was ignoring the other one with the expression “Is that guy still behind me?” 

The Mynas were having a good time sharing their food with the squirrels. 

I even noticed a single legged Myna hopping around 

The Ashy Prinia was sort of lurking in the mustard field. 

The jungle Babbler is quick with his beak, looking for something tasty between the dry leaves. 

The Guldenstadt’s Redstart had a bobbing motion while sitting at a place  

The spotted Dove was casual in its movements 

I took a long shot at the Steppe Eagle who was majestically sitting on top of a tree.

"Is he gone ?"

I had spotted a Greater Yellownape Woodpecker too, but by the time I fetched my camera, he had disappeared. 
All the pictures/videos were captured with a hand held camera.