Friday, December 2, 2016

School Activities

That is a look of pure admiration. May be its because his friend successfully completed the painting task given to him. 

Had been to Little Angels School (Mumbai) a couple of days ago where there was a flurry of activities going on.  In the class where Fun with colours was held, it was literally that – Fun with colours. 

The children keenly listened to the instructions given by the teachers and then proceeded to do exactly what was told.

The concentration of trying to accomplish the given task was very much visible on their faces. 

In the academics it was cooking activities, where some had to make Cake Pops while others had to make cup cookies. Crumbling the cake for making the Cake Pops was something everyone enjoyed 

I liked the way the seniors helped out the younger ones in their activities. 

They also loved to pose with the product that they made. (some even liked to taste them)

There was a section for Tangorli where the kids mixed their own drinks 

Making cookies was another challenge.

In some other classes there was this fine motor activity taking place. 

This girl was really happy whenever she could pick up a coloured ball and put it in the shimmery water.  

This little boy was cheered and encouraged whenever he could successfully  put a ball in the bottle through the hole in the side.  

I did click a lot of pictures running between the classes and all are not reproduced here. You can see more of them  in the video.

I saw this in one of the classes and was reminded of my school days. My job was exactly what Samiksha did.

At the end of the session I heard one student telling his teacher “Miss I had lots of fun today” And I think that sums up everything. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Chamraj Golden Tips

Drove down from Bengaluru to Chamraj Tea Estate in the Nilgiris, a distance of 350 kms.  
Once you cross Mysuru (Mysore) it becomes more scenic, especially when you go past the Bandipur National Park and the Madumalai National Park. 

Chamraj is famous for their “Chamraj Golden Tip”, an extra special quality of Nilgiris tea leaf always fetching a record price. Specially hand plucked Chamraj Golden Tips come from the Chamraj Estate, just west of Conoor, a property belonging to The United Nilgiri Tea Estate Ltd. 

If Chamraj was at the southwest end of Nilgiris  “Kotercherry” or Kotagherry was at the north eastern end, now known as Kotagiri. The place is simply beautiful. 

It was the first table land to be reached by the Europeans when Wish and Kindersly ‘discovered’ the cool of the jungle heights in 1819 while pursuing a band of smugglers. It was their ‘discovery’ that led John Sullivan to establish a home in Kotagiri. Of those Europeans who followed Sullivan and opened the Nilgiris, it was said, “If you live in Conoor, you live till 80, if you live in Ooty you will live till 90, but in Kotagiri you will have to be shot!” He wasn’t shot but, John Erskine lived till he was 100 after he arrived in Kotagiri. 

The tea gardens are lush with tea leaves. On a clear sky you get to see the lovely sunrise and sun set 

Spotted some coffee plants too here. 

If you have the patience you are likely to spot different species of birds 

I saw one land crab who was in two minds about staying put and carry on with his feeding (see video) 

We had those “Chamraj Golden Tip” in one of the tea stalls where it was freshly prepared for us 

and some tasty “parippu wada” after a long time. 

To reach there, we had to pass through Ooty and some of those old structures still look grand. 

The military establishments in this area are well maintained. 

On the way back, while passing through the Madumalai National Park, there was this tusker who gave us a threatening charge as we slowed down (can be seen in the video) He was probably trying to protect this little one in the herd.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Open Day in Mumbai

Close on the heels of the open day in Pune, there was one more open day for the Little Angels school in Mumbai.
This time it was on a larger scale with more students and more parents.  The first photo that I clicked was of this young boy trying to convince the customer about the quality of the products that were on display and sale. 

As usual, after the open day the parents had a visual treat to all the products that were displayed by Kalanidhi 

The sale was brisk and it was good to see that things were getting sold at a fast pace. 

While the parents and the students were busy, I just ambled around the school. These happy happy murals on the staircase must have greeted many students as they climbed up the stairs. 

I liked these three drawings on one of the boards 

What a great feeling it must have been for Ansh Obhan when he saw this little note on the notice board (and also a boosting factor for other students) 

In this age of cell phone and texting, a good reminder of simple polite words which is seldom used now a days.  

It was good to see the children’s face light up when they introduced the parents to the teachers  

Kalanidhi had also organized a food stall with the food items reasonably priced. 

I have heard the Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, many times, but never felt it more meaningful than when I saw it on this notice board:

While leaving the premises, I saw this flex board kept at the entrance. 

Probably my next visit will be to the Kalanidhi Production Centre.