Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thatched roof

The most productive tree

They say that the coconut tree is the only tree in which nothing goes waste (click on the picture of the coconut tree above to see the uses)

I remember seeing my grandmother weaving these coconut palms which were later used to thatch the roofs.

There is a particular way in which the woven palms were placed and tied with kayar (thin rope made from the coconut husk) If you don’t have kayar, you can use the single leaf of the coconut palm for tying. (the leaves are half heated over an open fire and it turns out very strong and binds well)

Two layers ensure that there is no leakage during monsoons and in summer it keeps the room cool. The roofs were thatched every year before the monsoons.

I tried my hand here doing it and it was fun. (This was clicked by my brother and that’s me on the right) This particular ante room was used as a shed to store items required for the kitchen especially fire wood.


Sangeetha Subhash said...

U make me nostalgic with ur posting .beautiful click!!!

Shri said...

Real beautiful pics!

Nostalgia said...

It's great that you have such old pictures and that too of something interesting as this. I remember ola paakal at my grandparents place. They used to have them soaked in water and then cut the leaf into two and each will be pleated (medayum) Interesting post.

chubskulit said...

we used the coconut the same purpose as yours in the Philippines.

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Thank you very much!


Haddock said...

@ Sangeetha - its nice to be nostalgic at times.

@ Shri - thanks for the encouragement.

@ Nostalgia - Yes that reminds me of the whole procedure of soaking and drying, and yes medayal is the right word.

@ chubskulit - yeah hope to see you too here more often.

Anjuli said...

Really enjoy your posts with the old pics and stories of what happened then.