Thursday, October 15, 2009

Honest or dishonest

Had the misfortune of loosing my wallet.

No, it was not flicked or pick pocketed. Mea culpa, I dropped it. (how and where is another long story)

Everything gone. ATM card, driving license, visiting card etc etc. (no credit card as I have never opted for one till date) And yes about 4000 Rs in cash too.

Who ever got it (lets say Mr X) did a wise thing. He pocketed the money(and the wallet), and put the rest of the things in a cover and posted it to me and ensured that I get it, by not affixing the postal stamp.

I don’t know about other countries but in India this is a sure shot method of ensuring that the recipient gets the mail. (Try it, it works all the time) All the other methods like Registered post, Acknowledgment Due, Insured posts etc always have some loop hole and you may get a blank “lost sir” as an answer. Those who are smart enough can guess how the “w/o stamp” method works, others can contact me for the know-how.

Now my question is this: Do I bless Mr X as a good Samaritan , “may God bless his soul” or do I categorize him as a dishonest man (for pocketing my cash)


kimosabescraps said...

so sorry that happened to you.. I only lost it one time and was fortunate to have NO cash inside but i had already cancelled a few cards etc..
No matter how you look at it.. its an inconvenience...
at least you have other things back but the no cash is dishonest.. I do believe that somehow that MR X person will pay their dues somehow

hi-d said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

I'm sorry about your wallet. It is so unfortunate that there are crooks out there. Here's a thought though; perhaps someone stole your wallet, pocketed the cash and then dumped or dropped the rest of the wallet and Mr. X found it. Who knows...I like to believe that there are still honest people in this world...Or, maybe if Mr. X really did take the money, he will feel so guilty, that he will send it to you.

sailaja said...

I agree with hi-d. Probably someone pocketed the cash leaving behind the wallet when Mr.X found the wallet and sent it to you. I'd like to believe that could be the truth. :)
Its a blessing you got back the remaining imp stuff.

p.s thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment at my blog.

Anjuli said...

what a strange thing= if he was going to return the wallet why steal things out of it- which makes me think (as was mentioned above) possibly someone else stole the contents and then Mr. X was the good Samaritan.

Haddock said...

But then Anjuli, that Mr X had to simply ring me up. Easiest and fastest.