Monday, October 12, 2009

Photographers and wedding

Weddings are one thing and wedding photographs are some thing else. I mean the ordeal one has to go through, to please the photographer. You have to pose in different ways over moats and in boats, holding hands looking into each others eyes . . . . .the list and requirement is endless. “No no, don’t get out of the car now, wait, slowly look to your right (with a smile) yes now slide out” comes the instruction. The poor girl is all ready to snap at the snapper, I mean the photographer but she has to grin and bear it.

Group photos with the couple look good, but getting the family members together at the right time is another big task. “Where is Kevin? Hey anyone saw Kevin? Just hold that click one second, our Kevin is coming, ah there he is, Kevin where the hell did you disappear? You and your cigarettes .. . . . .”
Come to think of it, I have even seen some priests in the church giving the Holy Eucharist “once more” as the photographer was “not ready” Where is the sanctity of it?
Why oh why can’t they just photograph the event as it is. It’s a moment of joy for the couple and all that are gathered there, and it should be captured as the event flows.
Here are some clicked at Bombay, Pune, Goa and Kerala. Some of them were clicked from the side line when they were actually posing for the official photographer. In the third one, the bride is with her cousins.


Sangeetha Subhash said...

Tnx for stopping by kothiyavunu & for the nice comments.
u have a fabulous space here!
Really amazing pics!!!Enjoyed ur post!!!Keep rocking!!!

usha ramachandran said...

the weddings of Kerala are generally 'a bore'.tensed bride and groom, gwaking or bored guests-generally-except for the 'cousins' ofcourse :-).I think the photos where the bride takes a dancing pose and the girl in the green saree dancing are "coool".feel happy to see them.

Haddock said...

@ Usha,
Totally agree with you.
I think its mainly the guests who create that atmosphere. They just want to come eat and go. (some of them don't even bother to wish the couple) And then they go home and discuss how much gold the bride was wearing (or should have been wearing)

Aarthy said...

Haha! As a person who has taken many wedding photographs, it is not that we don't want to take the event as it is - oh how we wish we could...the people paying us (often the bride and groom themselves, or their parents) are the ones that would be on our rears, had we missed a moment! Even a staged moment! For example, coming out of the car, etc. It is easy to capture candid moments, but with all the ceremonial and other moments that are is tough! You'd think they would want just random shots, but they actually do want those staged shots, because "that's how they remember the wedding" - bahhh!!!


Heather said...

I love the wedding photos! Cannot wait for the day I can attend an Indian wedding. :)

Sowmya said...

Thanks for dropping my by blog :)
Totally agree with u. Wedding photography should be sort of documentary. Click as it is. I really hate to make ppl pose otherwise also :)

Btw, nice set of pics :)

dave_cybercoolie said...

one of the clicks here was from Holy Trinity Church, in Powai - instantly recognized. That's where i go every Sunday :D

a wonderful blog i must say, Joe. I got hooked on to reading it for a good two hours now! And look - my work's gone for a toss! So, i will come back for more. Happy Writing!

Haddock said...

Thanks Dave for your good comment. Yes one of the pictures was at the Powai church.

Ruchi Nanda said...

The photographs are just amazing. Loved them.

Shubhangi Srivastava said...

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