Friday, April 30, 2010

15 Paise per hour

Some people have inspirations. But to bring that inspiration to reality is the real hard part.
But once you have the zeal and determination and passion, you can make it happen.
All this sounds like some pep talk isn't it.
Well I have seen one person who has that passion. He is just like a child when he is talking about his project. Full of animation and enthusiasm.
His idea was very simple. We all take our food carrier to work. (well most of us) But by the time its lunch time and we open the Tiffin we find that the food is cold, and nothing like putting you off food when it is cold.
Not everyone is equipped with a microwave or hot plate at office. So he came up with this idea of how to keep the food hot and that too at the right temperature.
His ideas were simple and he knew that it had to be cost effective. He and his team worked at it in his workshop and finally came up with his product. Mainly two variations of the same product.

The first one (above) was the Ecoline Power Lunch where in you just plug in your Tiffin for about an hour before you have your food. And the cost of the electricity consumed is just 15 paise per hour. (Power consumption 20 Watts)

I liked the second variation better. It is the Electric Modular Buffet System.
To put it in a better way, when we go for a buffet lunch (or dinner) we have seen those skilled cooks making Rumali roti and throwing the dough in the air and expertly catching them. Every time they throw it, we find it getting bigger and bigger.
Frankly speaking Rumali Roti has got nothing to do with this but we have seen those fancy looking containers kept in a neat row with the waiters standing behind “madam would you like to have Dal Makhni or Nargisi Kofta?”

You take your pick and also make a note of the small spirit lamp that is burning below the containers. Well our friend here has managed to do away with those spirit lamps.
He has serially connected those containers and one end is plugged to the mains. The food remains hot at the right temperature.

The construction is a double walled thermal insulation which retains the heat and conserves energy. The result ? Zero pollution with no carbon emission.
Care has been taken while designing, that a spoon holder is attached to each container.

And you can punch in the name of the item in the container which is finally displayed digitally. So there won’t be incidences like “Hey this does not taste like Gobi Manchurian”
“Sorry madam, the display cards got interchanged” !!

The design has also taken care of the need that this can be stacked when not in use.

The present size of the Electric Modular Buffet System is suitable for having parties at home.
In a recently held exhibition in Pune (Utsav) he had put up his stall and it was no surprise that his stall had the maximum response as it was a totally new concept in this city.
Eco friendly stall
Before the exhibition was over he was felicitated by the Governor of Maharashtra for ‘Innovative Ideas and Business Excellence in Small Scale Industries’ which was held in Le Meridian Hotel, Pune. He was one of the 14 recipients from all over Pune.
A web site is available wherein you can get more details and contact info.

And here is the man responsible for this. Mr P G George


Lazy Pineapple said...

wow fantastic product and pollution free so definitely good for the environment. I wish I could get it here as I end up eating a cold lunch in this cold country.

Kudos to Mr. George....
Thanks for sharing :)

Anu said...

wow! now thats certainly the most interesting thing I have read today!! thanks for sharing...... at the moment it seems to be available only in Pune, right???? hope they expand their distribution soon!

magiceye said...

very interesting indeed

Jaunty anima said...

Wah!!what a creation!!

Serves a great use for all those working people who like to enjoy a moment of that meal in the otherwise hectic schedule!:)

A said...

Interesting. Good creation.

Casuarina said...

Wow, that's really a brainwave.I love the environment-friendly part of it. Thanks for sharing. Plan to find out more about this product and use it !

anamika said...

Interesting and good to see people concerned about environment :)

RamMmm said...

That was a real entrepreneur. He has made use of a need into a business. Thanks for posting this story.

grace said...

how brilliant! i didn't know that an apparatus like this existed, but it's a really excellent idea. give that man a pat on the back!

radha said...

Interesting product. The food stays hot at lunch time. That's what I would like!

Anjuli said...

Oh wow- I want this!! I'm crazy about thermal pots- use them all the time because I do alot of 'buffet' style cooking. I normally put the food in the thermal pot and then leave it for a few hours while it cooks inside the pot- when it is time to eat- wah lah- no electricity needed and delicious food!! BUT I absolutely loved the idea of typing in the label of whatever is inside!! EXCELLENT!!

I'm going to the website to check out more info on this product- thanks for the wonderful review!!

Beena said...


sulagna ™ said...

wow haddock..thats nice..i dint go to utsav this time, but next time definitely for this guys invention...really applaudable..achaa do i need to sow methi seeds for dhaniya plants..thats what you wrote?? is that correct??

Renu said...

Thanks for sharing, would have been better it you had told us the price also.

Neha said...

WOW! Congrats to this man and his outstanding thinking!!! Is this available in Delhi too?

Gulmohar said...

Interesting product...hats off to the brain behind it

Haddock said...

@ Sulagna
Dhania seeds are required for growing Dhania patta. Take a handful of them and just rub them with very little force so that they split open to their natural two halves.
Sow these seeds in your ready pot and water them daily. You will see them sprouting soon.

sulagna ™ said...

soo i can just use the regular dhania seeds we get at the big bazaar or i need to take them from some nursery..sorry sorry mm askin too many questions here :)

Kamini said...

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing this with us, I am definitely interested.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

It sounds like a great product! Thanks for sharing. :)

♥Sugar♥Plum♥Fairy♥ said...

Excellente Product...loved reading this one ...

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Shalini said...

I totally admire such people who come up with such cool ways of utility satisfaction combined with environment protection!!
Loved it!

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