Friday, May 7, 2010

The morning walk

It is good to see that more and more people are concerned about their health.
Went for a walk early in the morning. I think the best time to go for a walk is in the morning. The reason being less vehicles (so less pollution) and the rays from the rising sun is good for health. (far infra red rays) A word of caution is to keep your mobile phones and watches/valuables at home.

You get to see the morning paper vendors busy sorting out the papers according to the delivery. I noticed that they were shoving in a lot of hand bills/ pamphlets in the paper. A slight extra income for them but a little irritating for the people who settle down with their morning cup of tea and out falls a handful of the hand bills when you open your morning paper.

On the way there is a huge open space where I could see a group of senior citizens doing their little bit in the form of exercise and laughter. Probably they are a part of the laughter club as I could hear them laughing away to glory at regular intervals. It was really interesting to halt and watch them. Everyone doing their bit (as it is not easy to bend and stretch at this age) And at the end of it all there is a cake to be cut for David uncle’s birthday or Mr Joshi is distributing sweets as he is a grandfather now.

Young couples go about with their brisk walk. What the experts say is that if you can cover one mile in 15 minutes then you are OK. If it takes less, you are fine, but if its more then your cardiovascular system is not up to the mark.

Talking of cardiovascular, a lot of people are joining the Gym and that could be the reason why Gyms are sprouting up everywhere. Some observations that I made in the Gym are that many (especially the young) come with their mobile phones. They are busy either talking or texting. I think no one is going to miss them if they are off the phone for an hour. So leaving that instrument at home would be more helpful to them (and less disturbance to others)

Then there are some who insist on taking the elevator to go to the Gym (even if it is situated on the second or third floor) I mean if you are going for a work out and sweat it out, why not start from the ground floor and use the staircase? It will definitely add up to the warming up (and save power too)

Coming back to the morning walk, passed by the basketball ground and felt good to see these boys engaged in their game. Incidentally this is the second fastest game in the world, the first one being ice-hockey.

Saw a father trying to teach his son football in one of the school grounds. (they are in the middle of the ground and far away)

As the day progressed, the number of vehicles kept increasing on the road.

Once upon a time Pune was known as the city of cycles. Then it gradually got replaced by the mechanized two wheelers. Now it is a mad frenzy of four wheelers and no roads to match.
Talking of cycles reminds me of an article I read where Mr Joe Simonetti of New York cycles down to his work place twice a week. The distance ? 44 miles !!


anamika said...

You carry the camera while going for a walk as well?

I am a fitness freak but just can't get up in the morning and enjoy these beautiful moments.

Atul said...

... i absolutely loved that foto of father-son duo in the middle of the ground... not only because it was so well taken... also because it reminded me of my childhood days of my bicycle rides... my dad wud run behind, holding the seat and the long tubular structure... it was so exciting, cool breeze on the face... and 'shabash! shabash!' from behind... i really don't like these 'balancer wheels' in modern kids' bikes... no personal touch...neways... was thinking of joining some gym... now i am confused again... :D

sm said...

nice pics

BK Chowla, said...

Very nice pictures.
Must tell you. I am a regular morning walker and do it for one hour at least 25 days in a month.
Morning walk is the cure for all problems. Try it.

Rachna said...

I am a fitness freak myself. I love morning walks, and my husband and I, walk every morning, 7 days a week. Luckily we have a nice walking track within our layout and don't have to venture outside. And, yes, we do pick up the newspaper from our vendor too. I think, it is the best beginning to our day!

Neha said...

I loved the basketball pic. Guess that's because of my love for the sport! I remember going out for cycle rides with my grandfather when he went for his regular morning walks. Though I find walks boring and lonely, I go to a gym and we do follow th staircase and no-mobile rule :)

Ramesh Sood said...

Remember you mentioned about traveling by Kingfisher.. well my first air travel on May 01 was by Kingfisher.. Visit my blog to learn about my experience and alos see the photo..

Well, I love morning walks.. in fact reading your experience is fascinating.. I always start my day by wishing a very good morning to God and HE makes it more beautiful each day.. I think I wrote on that too..

Cezar and Léia said...

Hello there!
Very interesting subject.I need to confess that I'm not exercise myself nowadays, mainly because the weather and so on, but I hope in this Spring starting again with my daily walks around Luxembourg.
Happy Sunday

chitz said...

nice pics..u have inspired me to go for those walks again in the morning which i keep on postponding and postponding...

Anonymous said...

Nice pics!!! I go for my morning walk with my neighbor. She is Turkish and doesn't speak much english but we really do have a good time together!!!

Anjuli said...

loved all the pictures and of course the dialogue which went with the pictures. I nodded at the part about the people who take the elevator to go the gym just downstairs- seems to defeat the purpose of wanting to be more active.

Bullshee said...

Lovely pictures!! Like many people, I lack the will power to wake up early enough to see things like these....but I make up for it by exercising a bit in the evenings.

p.s- I never knew Ice Hockey was the fastest game in the world, and basketball the second fastest. Thanks for the tidbit...

Usha said...

Haddock, Pleasant read along with nice pictures...Is Pune this cold in May mornings?? I see many wearing woolen caps and sweaters.

We have beautiful scenic roads,trails for morning walk but no people and nothing happens just walks alone with nature...your post refreshed my morning walk and cycle riding days in Mumbai. :)

Thanks for spending moments at my blog.

Gulmohar said...

can't agree is the biggest wealth, rt?

A said...

Nice picture. Miss morning walk of India. I like your comment about phone in gym..that is the best part here in the USA

G said...

I miss that place.. :( The jogging track especially. I've spent quite a mornings around there. :):)

grace said...

i love to people-watch, so walking is a great pasttime for me. good tip about leaving the valuables at home. :)

Haddock said...

@ anamika

Well caught.
Actually these pictures were taken at different times and all put together for the write up. But these are what you really get to see if one went for a morning walk.

@ Atul
Yes the joy of learning the bicycle is something unique and I agree with those balancer wheels. Takes out all the fun and thrill of it.
By the way do join a Gym if you are contemplating it. Nothing like investing money in the right direction.

@ sm

@ B K Chowla
Totally agree with you on that "walk is the cure for all problems"

@ Rachna
You are lucky to have that track. Many have to use the roads and get exposed to the pollution (and risk of accident)

@ Neha

Yipppeeee . .. . .one more who plays basketball - very difficult to find in this CCC (Cricket Crazy Country) you know :-)
I think the Gym management knows about the mobile menace but are vary of losing customers.

@ Ramesh Sood

Did have a look at your first Air travel and left a comment.
Yes agree with you. We have to give a silent thank you to HIM who has
blessed us in many ways.

@ Cezar & Leia
I think the weather must be really pleasant round the year around
Luxembourg for a good walk.
@ Chitz
Don't postpone any more. Do it for a month and see the difference :-)
@ Nilu
That is good (not speaking) One of the rules of a brisk walk is that the
pace should be such that you will pant if you try to speak.
@ Anjuli
I found that most of the people agreed with the no mobile / no elevator
idea. (so my observation was right)
@ Bullshee
Any form of exercise is OK (morning walk happens to be the easiest and
@ Usha
Your observation is true. Actually these pictures were taken at
different times and all put together for the write up. (clicked in the
last winter ) But these are what you really get to see if one went for a
morning walk.
. . .. . . . but no people and nothing happens around.. Yes one of the
complaints I have heard many times from people who have settled abroad.

@ Gulmohar
Like I said, joining a Gym is money invested in the right direction.
@ G
Sad to say that there is big tussle going on with the builder lobby and
all that open space is going to disappear.

@ Grace
Yes observing people does help in many ways. As for valuables its better
to be safe.

Harman said...

some nice pictures ..reminds me of my india... and good old memories...thanks

The Holy Lama said...

Another slice of life beautifully presented.:)

SathyaSridhar said...

Wooow!!! nice pics early in the morning am missing those days walking in fresh air early in the morning with my dad.very nice naturalistic pictures.

magiceye said...

that was an invigorating walk!

Anonymous said...

I hope I can walk again. At least a little.

Virtual Poona Blogger said...

Neat post, and nice pics as usual !

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I enjoyed reading about the morning activities in your city. It's actually a great idea for a blog meme. I should time myself to see how fast I can walk a mile.

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Hello greetings and good wishes:)

Very interesting and useful post. I get up in the morning but I sit and drink tea and read news papers. I wanted to go for a walk in the morning but somehow I tend to postpone the decision. However, I go out in the evenings and walk on the marine drive. Most of the time I end up walking on the city roads with both air and noise pollution.

After reading your interestingly written post I think I should just get up and go for a walk in the morning.There are many wonderful things to be seen in the morning as you have described.

I enjoyed reading your lovely post reinforced with excellent photos.

Have a nice day:)

nitinrd said...

I go for early morning between 0515 to 0600 along with my German Shephared Dog. We walk for approx 2.5 kms.

Dimps said...

I loved it :) I am an exercise freak may be thats y :)
Yoga and walk are my part of schedule everyday :)

It was great reading the article!


Haddock said...

@ Harman

Yes our India is always good :-)

@ The Holy Lama

Thanks :-)

@ SathyaSridhar

@ magiceye
Good to know that it was an invigorating walk for you too.

@ Abraham Lincoln
You will.

@ Virtual Poona Blogger
Thanks for that. Hope to upload more.

@ Marilyn
Do time yourself and let us know.

@ Joseph
Frankly speaking I too don't go for the morning walk as I have to leave
for work at 7.30 am. But I make it a point to go to the Gym in the
evening. Some sort of exercise is what we require.
What I have written here is the things that I am likely to see if I go
for a walk. I clicked the pics when I was out for some work or the other
in the wee morning hrs.

2.5 kms is good distance, and that too with your German Shepard alongside.

@ Dimps
Yahoo, one more on the Yoga wagon.
I feel that is the best form of exercise.

radha said...

Loved the morning walk till the spouse landed with a knee problem. We are also very close to a busy centre in the city and getting out of the house was no joy. Almost from the moment you step out there is traffic and the roads are in a bad shape. So it is an exer-cycle that is used at home.

Sharmila said...

I agree about those pamphlets ... which also includes the disturbing fact about just how many trees are needed for so many of them. Lovely snaps ... love Pune inspite of this scorching heat that's rising by the year. :-)

sepo said...

some awesome pics and a great post. and you know what your blog template is just the same as mine.
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Scorpria said...

Thanks for fixing the comment prob :)

Absolutely loved this one. Esp that pic of the father and son...all by themselves on that huge playing ground.

Can't believe these were captured at different times and on different days. You roped them all in perfectly! :)

Madhu said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madhu said...

nice pics Haddock! Ah the joys of working out, outdoors!

I have a quick question Haddock. Couple of months ago, you shared with us all how to grow ginger root. I planted a small 1 inch piece 3 weeks ago. I tried to see if its growing but there has been much growth. Should I have waited longer? I placed it in a container, all by itself with triple mix soil.

The knife said...

Lovely post. I just am not a morning person. Attempts to wake up and gym or walk in the mornings didn't work out. I used to go to the gym till a bad back back made me give it up for walks by the sea. Just started gymming again. i go in the evening. Take it easy and don't push myself too much. But feel good. And, er, take the lift to the fourth floor

Melanie said...

Great photos and I love reading!!!

Haddock said...

@ Radha
Any form of exercise is good. I say do your best

@ Sharmila
Yes all said and done Pune is good, except for the heat, but then the heat has hit all over India.

@ Sepo
Noticed the similarity, visited your site and has gone through some of your posts.

@ Scorpio
Thanks for that. Yes roping in the right pictures is half the job done.

@ Madhu
A little haste there. You have to wait for some more time. You will see shoots sprouting up and they may even start to flower, which is the right time.
Patience is the word.

@ The Knife
You said it right. One should not push oneself in the enthusiasm.

@ Melanie
Thanks :-)

G said...

Yes I heard. Wanowri-ites are going to be sad. And ex-wanowri-ites too :(

Shalini said...

Lovely pics!!
And morning walk does give you that kick-start for the day...
My mom and dad go for the walk...while I choose to study during exams and sleep during no-exams. :P

Anonymous said...

Love the collection!! Morning streets and morning city are so different from the day city - one might as well be in a different city!

In Delhi you also see milkmen with large cans of milk.

I saw a video about how many cyclists there are and how they manage on the roads in Amsterdam. I think our cities have a lot to gain - they should encourage cyclists by making cycling safer.

Passion Flower said...

I really enjoyed this morning walk . Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe in morning walks....but is the quality of air at that time of the day i.e 6 am, good to inhale?!!! Take a good look at the first three photographs...see the smog?!!...pollution at its peek. The morning chill allows the polluted air to settle closer to the surface. Warm air rises (remember we learnt it in science)so early morning walkers are inhaling more carbon monoxide...overnight emissions from heavy vehicles...than a person just walking from place A to B at noon. This is really applicable to fall and winter think!!