Friday, April 16, 2010

The flying fantasy

As children we used to gaze at the clouds and try to give some shape to what we saw. It was fun and you can allow your imagination to run wild. My Dad was good at picking up shapes: “Do you see a man smoking a pipe sitting on a cliff”
Well, today you can see the clouds from above, thanks to the Wright brothers.
Window seat in Jet Airways

Whenever we flew from Bombay to Cochin we used to take the early morning flight and it’s a wonderful sight to see the sunrise from high above. ( window seat is a must for me )
The diamond ring effect (usually seen in an eclipse) was seen here with the sun behind the wing of the plane.
Sun from the sky
That is another thing that always fascinated me. The wings of the plane and the flaps. We take it for granted that the pilot is doing a good job and the take off and the landing went smooth. But if you look closely you can see the ends of the flaps going up or down depending upon the take off or landing. And they are in turn controlled by numerous hydraulic shafts and cables. Those flaps are real huge when seen up close. Going into technical jargon would be, out board flaps, Inboard Aileron, Slats, Spoilers etc.

The birds too must be using the same technique to navigate.
Once while landing at Cochin there was a thick layer of cloud very low and the pilot had made three sorties trying to land. Every time at the last minute he (the pilot) used to pull up and take off again. It was scary. But most of the passengers were not aware of what was happening (including my wife) It was only before the third try he announced “there is a slight problem in landing and if we can’t make it we will be landing at Chennai”
But thankfully he made it at the third attempt.
One of the Airlines that has really impressed me in India is Kingfisher. The rates may be a little steep when compared to others but its worth the money. There is no room for complaint. And to top it I won a Zodiac Shirt by just filling in those forms they keep in the magazine pouch behind the seat. So next time when you fly don’t miss that opportunity, who knows when lady luck will smile at you.

Cochin airport is one of the cleanest one I have seen in India. It is a rare sight to see all the seats vacant at any airport, at the waiting lounge. I had to click it.
Airport at Cochin India
The sunlight coming in from the airplane window can make a good silhouette. I looked up this word and came up with this:
A silhouette is a view of some object or scene consisting of the outline and a featureless interior. The word is an eponym named after Etienne de Silhouette, a finance minister of Louis XV who in 1759 imposed such harsh economic demands upon the French people that his name became synonymous with anything done or made cheaply.
Window with a view

I pity those who just sit tight and wait for the plane to land, and grab their bag and make a dash for their next meeting.
The things they miss while flying .. . . . . .. . . .


Atul said...

... i remember my first flight from Poona to Dilli... i sprained my neck upon reaching home... one of the most exquisite sights in my life...better looking than some of the flight attendants and btw i ALWAYS go by Kingfisher... (i am brand loyal!) and ALWAYS book for the window seat... i even said a flat NO to a girl for exchanging my wondow seat for an aisle seat... ( i was cursing myself for next two hours!)... now i am feeling homesick! (again!)...

Anjuli said...

I absolutely loved all the pictures- and your commentary which accompanied them was excellent. Yes- those who just rush to get to the destination do not realize they are missing out on the journey itself!!

Harman said...

..the last picture is completely mind blowing...its always the efforts of the pilot ..for smooth landing ..and specially the landing part ..a view through window is beautiful!

A said...

Picture of sunrise is amazing. Beautiful. Last one is pretty nice too but it is very hard to take a picture of sunrise especially it seems like taken from the plane.

BK Chowla, said...

Outstanding pictures.I agree, Kingfisher is , perhaps, the best airline in the country today.
May be Mallaya, should be made MD of AI.

Rachna said...

Great pics and wonderful story telling thrown in. You are right, I also enjoy looking out of the window and seeing the various sights.

radha said...

Lovely pictures. Especially the 'diamond ring'. I am tempted to take pictures from the plane. Does anyone object? The other day before landing at the Hyderabad airport, I saw the Charminar... and it looked just like the little models one sees in glass containers at the tourist shops! It was a sight to behold.

Nisha said...

I absolutely loved the pictures. I also try to capture from airplane. Only this time while going, my camera was comfortably lying in my bag in overhead cabin and while coming I didn't have the window seat. :(

Cochin airport- it's departure lounge, even I have clicked picture of this hall. Was amazed to see such nice seats to sit.

P.S.- Kindly enable the Name/url option for commenting. Google profile will misguide you. :)


magiceye said...

wonderful post garnsihhed with lovely images!

Anonymous said...

fab pics..Im from cochin and I wish I were on that plane!!!

Ramesh Sood said...

Feeling nice that I visited your blog.. I am also a Puneite and moreover, its first ever time I would be traveling by air this month and rightly guessed I chose Kingfisher.. Shall be following your blog.. Great Son loves to click..let us continue to be in touch.. and about Happiness.. I have always tried to Practise Happiness! ( See older entries on my blog..)

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Interesting shots there!! Some of my friends will love to have a look since they are amateur photographers! Oh and I haven't traveled Kingfisher but my dad did and he loved it more than any other! :)

Haddock said...

@ Tamanna
All are welcome to have a look. By the way your Dad too noticed? Yep, as of date it is the best In India.
@ Ramesh
Yes we will keep in touch
@ forkbootsandapallate
Good to meet one more Cochinite :-)
@ magiceye
I am very particular about that garnishing (I know how a post will look bland w/o it)
@ Nisha
I transfer my camera to my trouser pocket before dumping the bag overhead.
pst.....have activated the URL
@ Radha
I don't think any one will object. But make it point to switch off the flash. (It may annoy others)
@ Rachna
Observing people and things is what I do when I am not writing blogs :-)
@ A
Taking pics of the sunrise is not difficult. Try it. By the way I clicked some 15 frames of it with an interval of half a minute. This was the best one.
Yes the pilots do a very good job. If you consider the speed at which the plane is coming down, it should be a real jolt when you make contact at the tarmac, but we hardly feel it. Isn't it great?
@ Chowla
Agree with you on that point. In fact if the Govt. could only identify the right people and hand it over to them, there would have been less corruption and red tapism.
@ Anjuli
Thanks for that pat. Yes its a pity that people don't live the "today" and are looking forward for a "better tomorrow"
@ Atul
Ha ha time make a 50-50 pact with the girl in the next seat. A win-win situation.

Cezar and Léia said...

Your blog is adorable and very interesting, well done!
Léia - Bonjour Luxembourg

Gulmohar said...

Short trips are nice on a plane, but not the longer to my mom in law,buses and trains are the best :D But then you would never be able to see things like these, rt ?

Ann said...

Looking out on the clouds from above has always fascinated me. As I child flying home to Ireland from the US, I imagined I saw the angels footsteps. Fanciful I know, but sometimes I can find myself still looking.

Shelle said...

sweet story...i love to sit with a map and try and pinpoint every country and vicinity we're flying across right across the world...i just love flying!

DianneHocut said...

Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!Very interesting information...

~Dianne Hocut~

Martha Z said...

What a delightful post and blog.
I enjoy flying, the feel of power in the lift off, the view of the world from above and the approach and landing. Airports, well they are not usually much fun.

Joseph Pulikotil said...


Amazing photos and very interesting write up. The sun coming up above the clouds with the dazzling red,which you call diamond ring, is quite fascinating.

Best wishes:)

chitra said...

I loved the diamond ring....Who would not.
I felt happy when you said Kochi airport is the cleanest. I am happy as I am a Kochite.

Traci said...

What stunning pictures -- especially the "diamond" effect. I have never had the pleasure of visiting India (though it has long been on my life list) but the more and more friends I make through blogging the more I know that I MUST visit!

Thank you so mcuh for visiting my blog and for sharing your pictures.

Harjinder said...

nice commentary and pictures of the moments we often fail to notice. may be i should now choose a morning flight as well.

JoeyRes said...

The clouds on my blog header are cropped from a shot out the airplane window as the sun was rising. I don't fly much so when I'm not sweating and petrified I do enjoy watching the view.

Haddock said...

@ JoeyRes
Yeah noticed your Header with clouds
@ Harjinder
Yes, morning flights are better as you can also see the morning
scramble (of planes) for take off. Another advantage is that you reach
your destination where you have the whole day ahead of you.

@ Traci
Most welcome to India

@ Chitra
Glad to meet you. This post is getting filled with more and more

@ Joseph
I noticed that almost all are fascinated by the Diamond ring effect. And
when that was actually happening all in the plane were getting ready for
a good snooze.

@ Martha
Yes Martha, the feel of power in the lift off. . . . . . Some thing I
used to feel when sitting in the old steam engine. Comparatively the
speed may be slow, but the feel that this iron horse could pull all of
us just by steam power.

@ Dianne
Thanks for the pat. Good to know that this is being read far and wide.

@ Shelle
Aha, navigating from high up above. The pilot will be glad to have you
around . . . . .in case he gets lost :-)

@ Ann
There is no limit to the imaginative power of a child. Wish we could
retain the same as an adult.

@ Gulmohur
Yep, you will be missing these views, but from the train you get a
different experience of which I will be writing a post soon.

@ Cezar and Léia
Thanks for that. Good to know that I have admirers as far as Luxembourg.

BLOGitse said...

Great posting, beautiful pictures!
Thanks for visiting my blog...
Have a great week!


walk2write said...

I'm sorry to have missed so many of your latest posts! With this one, you share an interesting perspective of air travel. The airlines and airports in America are not nearly so interesting or comfortable. You are brave to take pics on board the plane. I'm too shy to try it.

Ajay Jose Paul said...

Another nice blog post w/t good pics. I too love clicking pictures of the sky/clouds and enjoy the view from above. It gets boring eventually though, esp. on international flights (18 hr+) journey, thats when I switch to in-flight entertainment! :)

Denise said...

Wonderful photos and it looks like a great airline. Thanks for taking us along.

Reflections said...

Have to agree with u abt Kingfisher. A few years back when we were delayed at the airport bcoz of the mumbai floods, Kingfisher service was excellent & upon landing at the b'lore airport their boss Vijay Mallya himself was there to greet the passengers;-o...yeah well the airline was new then, guess he wont take that much effort now;-D

It was a pleasure to read ur cadid take on flying:-))!!!!

Shalini said...

Totally...even I always prefer the window seat...looking out and watching the buildings turn into ant-houses...its awesome!!

Haddock said...

@ Blogitse

@ walk2write
One of the things that we have to overcome is the fear to put the eye to the camera. (and now a days that too is not required because of the LCD screen)

@ Ajay Jose Paul
With 18+ hrs of traveling, maybe I could write a book with lots of photographs. So how about sending me an open ticket for that 18 hrs flight? :-)

@ Denise
Most welcome. Trying to pen down the next travelogue

@ Reflections
I think Kingfisher started operations in 2005 and the first international flight was in 2008.

@ Shalini,
Window seats are the best, Bus, Train or Plane.

Sonia said...

Wonderful captures of those floating clouds..they always fascinate me, and I can never resist being glued to my window in my flights. I love the silhouette shot the most!

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Hi Haddock! This is a very interesting post!! :)

Regarding your comment on my Ramdara Temple Near Loni post, thanks for your comment. And I just realized that you live in Pune!

Bullshee said...

I guess there is a certain fascination that comes with flying, soaring above the clouds and feeling infinitely small!

Sad that I've slowly begun to lose that fascination as I fly more and more these days...

RamMmm said...

Lovely set of words to accompany a beautiful set of pictures. The takeoffs especially are wonderful as you soar up at a sharp angle. Hopefully you haven't hit harsh air pockets. That experience is real rattling and sometimes when the pilot states that we dropped 200 ft in that turbulence, it is scary. (and also when you see the wings shaking slightly when the flight is in progress)

Arkansas Patti said...

Very nice job. I too loved the wing shot with the sun. Checked some of your back posts and you really have a nice blog here. I will be back.
Thanks for visiting TNS.

anamika said...

I enjoy flying but more then that I like noticing air hostesses make up :P

Thanks for visiting my blog:)

liz said...

i love flying! thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Nihal said...

Visit India is on my wishlist for a long time. I have not heard Kingfisher before, and would like to take it when flying if possible (thru Istanbul).

Great post, thanks.

Haddock said...

@ Nihal
Do make that visit.
@ Anamika
If its gracefully done (the make up) it looks good.
@ Arkansas Patti
Thanks and welcome again.
@ RamMmm
Yes Air pockets are another experience. Coincidentally it happened today that many were thrown around in a Emirate plane, near Goa and the ones who were thrown around were the ones who were not wearing set belts.
@ Bullshee
I am still fascinated when traveling by train (especially when its the Bombay Pune stretch)
@ Bhavesh
Nice meeting you too.
@ Sonia
Lets form a WSA (Window Seat Association)

Agnes said...

GREAT photos!! I love planes, airports, travelers.... basically all things travel-related :-)

grace said...

i love your shots of the sky! incidentally, i never see what others see in the clouds and they never see what i see--i guess i have a unique imagination. :)

Anonymous said...

Fabulous clouds and words to match - a lovely read !

Liz said...

I love the pictures, I am in awe that you captured those from your seat!

Michelle said...

Great photos and that does look like a very nice airline!

Anonymous said...

How true!! I completely agree with you! The view from the top is just soo flawless! I could relate so much as I just returned from a trip and most of the time was watching the sunrises and sunsets! said...

you have that photographer's eye. quiet intelligent photos !! first time on your blog and seems like there are lots of interesting photos out here.

A passionate traveller

Haddock said...

@ Agnes:

Yes, its fun to travel and discover new places and people.

@ Grace
Ha ha that could be true, and you can start a class on "how to see what
I see"

@ Manningroad
Thanks :-)

@ Mara

Yes, and I think sunrise is better than sunset.

@ Liz

Nothing special in that. Its just what the eyes sees. If your eye can see it, so can the camera.

@ Michelle

Once upon a time it was Air India, but once the Govt took over, it is not upto the mark.
So its King Fisher now.

@ vineetasdiary

And if you are flying from west to east you get to see more frequent sunrise I suppose. (but who flies straight for 24 hrs)
Welcome Subu. Hope you enjoy and have a good time.

Sara said...

yes, my whole country is a beautiful one to be quite honest! I am glad you agree!

Iva said...

i love the sunset!!

Global Butterfly said...

Awww, I just took this same flight 3 weeks ago! I agree, it is a pity that we take flying for granted these days. I remember when I used to be SO excited to fly--everything about it was amazing. Now, unfortunately, I just can't wait to land. All of the delays, cancellations, etc start to get to you after a while!

sulagna ™ said...

my god...i am writing the 54th comment..obviously you know this post has been liked by many,cus even many more visit our blogs but few pen down their thoughts...

and haddock talking of my plants, you remember how i fell in love with your balcony and the plants you have in them,the post about them..i am soo keen on growing a curry leaf plant and also how do i grown a dhaniya plant??ny suggestions

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Mamta said...

Nice :)

But I am yet to gain a flying experience and the way you have written about it... I kinda envy you!!

Anya said...

Nice to see more from your country
The airplanes are very modern :))
Safe flight ..... ;)
Thanks for this great post

Enjoy your sunday

Haddock said...

@ Sara

@ Iva

@ Global Butterfly
Frequent flying does take its toll I suppose.

@ Sulagna

Ha ha . . . .and out of those 54 . a few are my own. For Dhania patta, just sow some methi seed and see the result in a week.

@ Booklover
Will have a look at the site

Its about time you started :-)

Had a good report recently about Jetairways which came from Johansburg to Mumbai

Greener Bangalore said...

I think that air-hostess is cool! ;-)