Wednesday, August 8, 2012

India and Olympics

Wifey: ” Wow did you see the papers recently, it is all splashed with the achievements of the  Indian Women”
Me: “ Yes I saw, Rekha’s picture on the front page of Times of India
Wifey: ” Rekha’s picture?  I am not talking about any Rekha. And it is better that you address her as Rekhaji, after all she is elder to you”

Me: “ Shhh… . . . you are not supposed to disclose the age of young ladies. She looks so elegant in that off white kanjeepuram  saree with her tresses flowing down, and she looks so happy having voted Mr Ansari for a second term as Vice President.  Even Sachin Tendulkar looks happy even though his hair is a bit disheveled”
Wifey: ” You better not comment on his hair. It was this hair style of his that helped him finally score his hundredth  hundred. But why are we discussing about Rekha and Sachin and Ansari when we are making a big haul of medals at the Olympics?”
Me: “ Big haul? What have we to talk about Olympics? The only thing that India is getting famous for is loosing all the hockey matches and Who is that girl in red 

Wifey: ” You are not looking at the brighter side. Look at the medals that were bagged by Gagan Narang and Vijay Kumar for their excellent shooting not to forget Saina and Mary Kom. 

This is the first time a girl from India has participated in a boxing event in Olympics and won a medal. 

Another first for India is that Amitabh Bachan’s name will be imbibed as the first Indian film star to hold the torch”

Me: “ The brighter side for me was the opening ceremony. I liked Mr Bean running in slow motion on the beach with the theme music of “Chariots on Fire”

Wifey: ” That is British humour at its best, but I found Mr Bond waiting for the Queen to finish her letter writing a bit too much. In this era of e mail, is her royal highness still using the slow mail?”

Me: “ I still feel sad about our hockey performance. Wonder what Dhyan Chand must be thinking from up above there. You know just after Independence we won a Gold in Hockey defeating Great Britain right there in London in 1948”
 Dhyan Chand and Captain Kishen Lal with C Rajagopalachari after winning the Gold Medal in 1948 at London.

Wifey: ” You are always dwelling in the past. This is the present where we have to compete with countries like China who is hell bend on having supremacy in everything”

Me: “ That reminds me, I must write to Saina asking her to have a good look at her medal. I am sure she will find “made in China” etched somewhere in fine print”

Wifey: ” Now that we have bagged so many medals I am just waiting for the wonderful closing ceremony”
Me: “ And I hope that girl comes in a beige coloured T shirt this time (red  was sort of clashing with the yellow of our contingent)”


Anita said...

I enjoyed reading this post! :) Now I want to Google Indian athletes at the Olympics.

And yes - I hope that woman wears MATCHING clothes if she decides to walk with the Indian athletes during the closing ceremony. lol

dr.antony said...

I read some posts recently on India and athletics.
it is a shame that the worlds largest population has to come out with the lowest number of medals.Even Arab countries have started bagging gold medals.Last time the crown prince of Dubai himself had a gold medal in shooting.
What is wrong with us?
I am inclined to believe there is something genetic in the performance.

Rahul said...

It doesnt matter if Mary has lost.She has already done a great thing by reaching till this point in the tournament especially because she has fought against all odds. SHe lost to a very strong opponent and hats off to her for her achievement. We are proud of you.

rama said...

Come on, you guys, all these years our players hardly had any good facilities to fine tune their talent, no money , no sponsors, and no encouragement from our lousy government, the only sport that got all the importance was cricket.
Things are changing(not in the email speed, but at least better than the slow mail speed), and soon in the coming years these so called bronze medals would change in to gold medals, and Indians would be leaders in all sports.
I felt like slapping that so called Bangalore girl left and right. Red, blue or beige, I never want to see such girls ever.
It was good to read your blog.

Daisy said...

This post made me chuckle, Joe. I love how the Olympics brings people together from all over the world no matter where they are from. It's a topic of interest to everyone!

jaish_vats said...

Funny post . Enjoyed the read .

Harisankar said...

U made my day dear buddy..:) Hahhahaha

Tomz said...

Hilarious conversation, but that gave me a lot of info about many things..

Jyostna said...

That women didn't barge in there, read in the Bangalore news that shez from Bangalore n her name is mathura, a medico. She was there on purpose. anyways nice post..njoyed reading. I was about to write one on Olympics too.

Bikramjit said...

THe woman in red was a security breach... but she had the time of her life ..

and olympics fair enough you saying we bagged medals but put it in contexst to other countries , which are as big as ONE state of ours its rather a shameful performance.. :)


Purabi Naha said...

I agree totally.... wonderful post!

Christine H. said...

Wonderful and amusing post. SO, who was the woman in red?

A said...

You;re funny!

anilkurup said...

Well we have other priorities, I suppose. If you have connections in the top echelons, you can have a pass into the Olympic contingent.

It is a bit dampening that Saina's medal came by default! Though that is not to belittle her .

Tanvi said...

lol This is the most entertaining conversation I have read/heard in the longest time. I seem to echo your thoughts more though, I am proud of our country's achievements. We definitely have a long way to go ... Sports is not our strong suit.

∞ © ∞

Neha said...

Perfect post to end my reading for the day!!

Karen Xavier said...

If we had better facilities, we would have won more medals. And if cricket was considered for the Olympics, forget gold, we would have won diamond. Point is, the country should focus more on all sports... encourage children in school and allow them to shine.

sujata said...

Reading this was like a well etched summary to the games. Read it with a smile. If the "Things to remember" after each chapter in the kid's science text books were written so, the kids would remember every thing taught in that chapter.

We need more of Mary Koms in Mumbai trains, Delhi roads and Bangalore pubs.

Harman said...

wonderful post loved reading ..:)
as far olympics goes my eyes keep searching indians in every game ..its a shame !!being the second most populated nation ..n few participants,,
may be we are more interested in singing and dancing only!

jacintarao said...

Enjoyed the tongue in cheek post ...had me grinning ..thanks