Monday, April 16, 2012


Nest – every bird makes one (well almost all) Some are real cute, some fanciful and some very intricately done.
The worst nest I have seen is that of the pigeons. They just fetch some dried twigs and place them at random on a ledge and technically speaking their nest building is over. (lousy house makers?)
This weaver bird’s nest was not made here, but we got it from far away where it was abandoned (after use) and hung it in our patio. I had a look inside and was surprised to see that there were two rooms inside !!

But this nest  here was built on our patio by the Red vented Bulbul.

These were the three eggs in the nest and … well  you can read the complete history about it here.

And this was our next guest, the white breasted Munia. 

Real cute couple. Every time when they left the nest they made sure that no one is looking

I enjoyed the complete process of their nest building and have a series of snaps. To see them  click here.


Teresa Evangeline said...

I love birds and their nests. What beautiful images. I enjoyed seeing your additional images of their nest building. Very nice.

Name: Luana Krause said...

These are lovely photos. I enjoy bird watching and taking pictures of nature.

Christine H. said...

That weaver nest is a work of art.

Cathy Olliffe-Webster said...

Wow. Those birds are incredibly beautiful. How lucky you are to see creatures like that and the amazing nests they build. Again, WOW!!!

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

wowowwo.. beautiful .. I miss wild life here in uk so much dont see that much as i used to back home in india


anilkurup said...

Fabulous pics.

Jay said... is absolutely lovely..thanks for sharing the beautiful cliks..;)

Tasty Appetite

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Greta pictures. How nice to be able to keep a log on the progress till the nest is built.

shivani said...

Haddock there's something about the nests and the birds that i can never have enough of it.Thank you so much. i am in a very nesty and birdy phase myself.And i should not call it a phase because as far as i can remember i was always so.
i have done something similar and wanted u to have a look... many pics are borrowed but some are mine especially the nest of the sparrow,the eggs of the red vented bulbul.
And i wanted u to see my latest too.
Pls let me know with a smiley at least that u did.

Martha said...

Bird's nests are very interesting to me! This one reminds me of our Baltimore Oriole. They make a hanging one something like this with string and horse tail hairs, etc. I love to watch birds.