Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yesterday was Sunday and I asked my wife “Hey, how come no baking shaking for many days?”

Wifey: “Many days? How about that yummy Brioche that we had last month?”

Me: “But that was last month, shouldn’t we do it more frequently? Something like once a week or maybe daily?”

Wifey: “So you like my baking eh? Well in that case we can start off right away. Let me see, we can make use of some of the left overs and see if we can make something appetizing”
Here I was talking about baking and she is talking about left overs. But I played along.

Me: “Do you want me to do something? Like knead the dough or something like that?”

Wifey: “What you can do is boil a few potatoes and peel them and we can make some meat roll”

Well, I did exactly what she said while she went about mixing and kneading the dough. It was real magic to see the dough rise up within no time. By the time I finished with the potato episode and  got my camera ready, she had already started working on half of the dough.
So this is what I got to click (the remaining dough)

Meanwhile she was using her artistic talent on the dough.

Me: “Why are you cutting it up like that”
Wifey: “Its for braiding”
Me: “Braiding? I thought you said something about meat roll”
Wifey”: “That is exactly what I am doing. There is no harm in making it look a little attractive”

After giving the dough a few cuts, she spread out the mashed potato and the leftover meat in the middle.
Then she wrapped up the whole thing with some intricate braiding work, and this is how it looked.

She took a brush and dipped it in some liquid and painted it all over the rolls.
Me: "Why do you do that?"
Wifey: "It will give it that glazed look"

She left it in the oven and told me to keep a watch, "tell me when its medium brown" 

Geez, the things I have to do for the Big B

But then she realised that I am not the person to be entrusted to keep a watch on the oven as I kept asking after every five minutes: "Is this brown enough?"

Finally it was done and this is how it looked.

Now it was my turn to have the glazed look and that gave me the idea for today’s A-Z
Its Baking starting with a big B.


Marina said...

Lovely post! Put a warm smile on my face!

Ella said...

These look amazing, oops beautiful, lol :D
Nice to meet you!

Smita said...

WOW!!! This looks so tempting...I love baking but lack in patience!!!

trishie said...

That looks super yummy

Ruchi Jain said...


Bikramjit said...

I am coming over...

KNOCK knock ...


Francene said...

Yum! I want to do this. Your photos make the directions easy to follow. Well written into a story too.

Miranda Hardy said...

Dang it, I'm hungry now. Looks so good.

Super Happy Jen said...

That looks delicious.

Shaun_ShutterBug said...

Well if you do that for B, i hope she isnt building a CAR tomorrow !!:)
Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier
Valleys ShutterBug

Timothy Brannan said...

That looks great!

Looking forward to all your posts this month.

The Other Side
The Freedom of Nonbelief

baygirl32 said...

that Baking made me Hungry!

Happy A to Z

Daisy said...

Those look delicious, Joe! Your lovely wife must be a wonderful baker. :)

trees said...

Neat braiding Marie!

Sally said...

Brilliant post, made me smile and they do look rather scrummy.

Faith said...

Now that's creativity on the spot! And of course, now I'm starving. Thanks a lot! LOL

Lyn said...

Oh my gosh - they look delicious! I am starving now. Recipe please -- spices? dough recipe? I suddenly have a craving for pakoras or some somosas. Lovely post.

gail said...

What a delightful post and I want some of the roll!

Haddock said...

Who's there?
Bikramjit who?

Harisankar said...

Gotta start learning to cook pretty soon..My girl is as illiterate as me in this department..Expecting a comedy of cooking errors in a short while..And Joe u are absolutely lucky to have a wife like Ma'am..:)