Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tablets and Kindle

In the good old days, friendship was just going out for a walk and talking to each other with only your dog eavesdropping.

Now friendship is talking to each other on Facebook with the whole world eavesdropping.

In the good old days, tablet was something that my dad used to give me to swallow with a glass of water when I was not feeling well.

Or the word kindle was something the Famous Five used to do in Enid Blyton’s book when they went camping and wanted to light a fire.

Today you ask any child the meaning of Kindle and they will rattle out “ let me see…….. do you have a Android phone ? Then maybe I can tell you the compatibility chances of…..”

“What do you mean Android? And its an Android phone not a Android phone. Have you not learnt about the vowels in school? A E I O U “

“That’s kewl, now as we were talking about this Kindle thingy, its really awesome especially if you are going for the Amazon Kindle. Its just mind boggling and ……”

“Wait a minute, what are the advantages of this Kindle thingy, I mean thing?”

“Well if you are not satisfied with Kindle, you can go in for the Nook”

“The what ?”

“Well, Nook by Barnes & Noble is something where you can download millions of book and read them, and it has this touchscreen thingy ……..”

“Aha touchscreen, yes I have seen that. Look here, why don’t we just simply buy a book from the bookstore and curl up in a corner on a rainy day and  read and enjoy the book. Do you know the joy of the lovely smell of a new book? When one page is over you simply turn the page and continue reading. And when you want to keep it away you simply put in a bookmark……. yes that long thing is the bookmark…… which shows you from where you have to continue reading”

“No probs there, I will Google it up”

Google it? What about the good old dictionary?”

“Oh my Gawd, you are so boring, come on, you have to move with the times…… why don’t you just twitter it and you will get lots of …..”

“I don’t know how this twittering thing works and has never done it. I only know that someone twittered and then he had to resign and had to move down south and is now happily married and settled down in God’s own country watching cricket”

“Now I am off to the corner book store”


shivani said...

hahaha...really kewl. Loved it absolutely!. :)
u know what even i was in a book store yesterday. :)

shivani said...

Oh btw had to tell u this last post has you there.
Can you have a look and lemme know if u could figure out where.
And in the comment box there is a gentleman called Karthik. i have provided his would like his pics and shots related to nature and it's creatures.Some common as crow and some that we miss. Still others(don't know how u react) that made me say, "YIKES!!" earlier. i try not to now.

jacinta said...

Lol..KWEL u r with the times ...

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Cool...and now I am heading to the bookstore!

Jeannette said...

Hee, hee, hee.
I want to kindle warm feelings...even on these less than personal encounters, but I don't read on a kindle.
Tweeting is for the birds...and I will say hello to a bird her for you and let them know if they ever want to migrate really far I have heard of a great family deck where they could set up housekeeping.
Books are lovely and I trust they will not, in the long run be replaced..but in the meantime they may need positive plugs from time to time...especially for over stimulated and tech smart young ones.

Harman said...

very nice..
its hi-tech or nook or facebook..
its all part of the daily lives..gone are the days when we had that urge to know and looked for book one after other.. its search engine era..
at a click it opens the world!
my hubby sits whole day in-front of computer at work ..comes home..on ipad.. in wash-room with iphone and while getting ready there is a blue tooth ..I asked..
is anything left?

Such is Life said...

reading from a book is a completely different world! enjoyed reading your blog!!

Daisy said...

This made me laugh, Joe. I have to tell you, though, I have a Kindle and I LOVE it! Now, just today, I can borrow digital ebooks from my library through my Kindle over the WiFi from Amazon for free! It is like magic!! Without ever leaving my home, I have books for free at my fingertips to read with just a few keystrokes on my computer. :-D

Bikramjit said...

he he he he :) loved it .. someone jsut asked me the other day whats the difference between a notebook and a notepad .. and i did not know what to say ..

I am not from this century


Angela Felsted said...

I love the corner bookstore, and the magazine stand, and the library. There's something so nice about having actual pages between your fingers.

Haddock said...

@ Shivani
Good to know that you loved it.
Oh yes I did notice that you mentioned about me (but I had to read twice to confirm that it was about me only) Was also happy to see that there are many on whom you can rely on and exchange notes. Actually there are many like minded people floating around, the only catch is that the paths should cross somewhere to connect. Now I will go back there and have a look at Karthik (the name Karthik reminded me of another Karthik from B'lore, but more on that later)

@ Jacinta

I wanted to write something different (other than the tour blog- which may be boring for some)

@ Swapna Raghu

Good to know that there are still some who think like me :-)

@ Jeannette

Ha ha. Taken in all those points and yes hoping that books will be around for a long time.

@ Harman
I think hubby is utilizing every minute of the day. Its so sad to say that we are totally dependant on these gizmos.
In my course of work (I have to do something for my bread and butter) I have to check other's drawings (engineering drawings) and it was so easy when it was checking blue prints and correcting mistakes. Now with the pdf format and the limitation of the desktop screen I am totally lost in scrolling and searching and looking at what is at the right bottom corner and what did I see at the left top corner. You can imagine my plight when it’s an A0 size drawing !!

@ Such is Life

Thanks for that. Yes reading from a book (though costly) is a different experience.

@ Daisy

Good to know that you enjoyed it. Yes these things has its advantages but I would still prefer walking down to a book store and browsing :-)

@ Bikramjit

Hey . . . . notebook and notepad….. I knew I missed out on something in my post. But anyway I too have no idea of the difference, so we two are in the same boat.

@ Angela Felsted
Bingo. . . . . . there are still some people who won't let go :-)

deeps said...

Unfortunately or fortunately good old days are outdated in almost all areas :P

Phani said...

why do we hold on to the past?
It's a very common and old human urge to hang on to all things that grow in age ,some how 'time' itself seems enough for anything to be liked/loved /longed for .
Still another set of people keep inventing restlessly ,it started with the cave paintings , now we play with colors on touch screens ,it never does stop here , a 20 years down the line surely somebody would miss all the gadgetry now being invented . Tablets and notebooks could be relegated to museums . People may be able to just simply write on thin air and blow a message to the recipient or else may transmit electromagnetic impulses through the ether through mere thought ,anything is possible , meanwhile let me go to a book shop tomorrow !