Thursday, September 8, 2011

Concert at Iglasia in Spain

Life in the villages are pretty simple, but at the same time they enjoy the simple things in life. (that’s a new tongue twister ?)

Attended a musical concert at a church in La Iglesuela  a small village in Spain.

It was a simple affair but all the seats were taken and people just enjoyed and gave a standing ovation at the end.
What I liked was the dedication and devotion with which the choir members (young and old) came for the practice and finally performed with no flaw on the final day.

It was warm inside the church, but that did not dampen the spirit of the performers and the audience.

Usually for a stage performance, there are floodlights, but here candles were lit (inside and outside the church) making it something very unique (and difficult for me to do the filming)

The choir was conducted by Ms Vanessa Satur who put together the whole show.

After the performance, all got together at a pub in Piedralaves and had a round of drinks discussing the finer points about the show and how things went in general. Finally when all dispersed it was 2 am.

Two clippings of the show for those who want to hear it. (will add more clippings later when it is ready)


Harman said...

Awesome...lovely pictures..and-lovely Concert..
The chorus is too good!
nice to see ya and your wife!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

How nice to enjoy a lovely concert in a small village.

Daisy said...

Some times enjoying the simple things in life is the very best of times. Lovely pictures, Joe. I liked getting to see inside the church there. I always enjoy going to these types of events.

A said...

Very nice. Great coverage and awesome pix.

Christine H. said...

I love your posts because they always make me feel as if I was actually there at an event.

Renu said...

To me it all looks so beautiful like a dream.

Indrani said...

Great experience!

Anu said...


deeps said...

so you are not in Mumbai or Pune now?
doesnt matter...
That sure is a scintillating concert, I guess

Jacinta Rao said... clear ,made me relive the concert for sure.

shivani said...

Oh wonderful...thanks for sharing and giving a peek to that which was like- EXOTIC.
You know, it reminded me of those gatherings i have been fortunate to attend where talented people get together to enjoy each other's talents without the limelight...without formalities... the flashlights of the media and without much fuss.
Somehow these delightful rendezvous which are simple also feel exotic and very enriching.
i hope you get my drift.

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

Thanks for that. Wonderful photos and a great video that really gave you the feel of the place. I might never get to see it in person but if I don't your video made it come alive.

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