Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Three Movie Syndrome

Long ago (before television was an household name in India) I had been to the theatre to view three movies. (all on the same day)

They were Dhund, Anhonee and Anamika. When I returned home I was totally confused.

And to add to the confusion, the veteran actor Sanjeev Kumar was in two of these movies.

Did Sanjeev sing that lovely song with Jaya Bhaduri or with Leena Chandravarkar ?

Right now I am suffering from the 3 movie syndrome.

Had been to Amsterdam, Volendam, Marken, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Paris, Versailles, Amiens, Flessels, Lower Normandy, Pontorson, Avilla, Toledo, Madrid, Vienna, all in 27 days.
So you can imagine the confusion that is going on in my mind now. “Oh what a lovely canal trip that was…. was it in Bruges or in Amiens sweetie?”

And wifey quips back “you mean the one where we saw the stick figures on the bank? Oh that was in Amiens”

But once I sort out the images in these memory cards I think I will be in a better position to narrate properly. 5 cards of 8 GB (and one 16 GB), all full with images and movie shots. As a back up I carried my small hard disc in case anything gets corrupt.

And then I also had my old faithful Nikon with its antique card (in case of emergency)

Each view is something to behold where ever you go, be it the panoramic view of Vienna,

Schoenbrunn palace in Vienna
© Photographer: Joezachs | Agency:
Or a squirrel eating from the hands of a tourist,

Or children playing in the fountain.

Some just get exhausted with the touristy thing and fall asleep in the pram.

Each place is unique. No complaints whatsoever. No mugging, swindling, pick pocketing etc (as some had warned us) In fact I found people to be sincere and helpful.

Suggestions ? Yes at some places. For example it would be better if the bus service to Mont St Michelle from Pontorson was continued in the night.

It’s a wonderful place and worth visiting for people who go to France.

The Abbey at Mont St Michelle gets lit up after sunset and it is a wonderful sight with the lights on. And there was this high tide which we wanted to see that night. But sunset is around 10 pm and the last bus back to the town is at 8.40 pm.

As we had read and heard a lot about the view at night, we decided to miss the bus and try our luck at hitchhiking back to our hotel.

These are some of the pictures clicked during the day time, twilight and in the night.

We even saw a windmill on our way to the Mont.

But the same windmill was breath-taking at night.

We were fortunate to witness a prayer service that was conducted at the Abbey and it just transports you back to the medieval era. (see the movie clipping below on YouTube)

There are no microphones or amplifiers, but the acoustics is natural and simply great.

Oh yes we did get a lift back to Pontorson, (the place where we stayed) But it just depends on your luck, and if you are not lucky, be prepared to walk 10 kms or spend the night with the monks in the Abbey at St Michelle.

There is more about this place, for example the special fluffy omelettes that you get there and how it is made . . . . . . . . may be in the next post.


Christine H. said...

I would feel sorry for you and your confusion, but I am too envious of your trip. Yes, I wish it had been me instead...or perhaps I could have just come along. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Daisy said...

What wonderful photos, Joe. Sounds like you had many sights to see and many more pictures to sort through yet too! I enjoy seeing your view of the world through your camera lens.

Harman said...

such wonderful pictures...good click..
seems like it was an enjoyable trip.

Jeannette said...

Thank you for the glimpses...really lovely.

Anu said...

Wonderful!!! looking forward to more!

Susan Deborah said...

"Through indirections eek direction . . ." and that is what you have done in this post. In spite of beginning with confusion you led us through lovely snapshots of your trip, of which I am quite envious of. The black squirrel looks so sweet. I was surprised that there were no birds in this set of pictures. Maybe, they will come later, I reckon.

Joy always,

walk2write said...

Like you, I would risk having to make the long walk just to see that Abbey at night. Wonderful! Was the abbey in any danger of being shut down during Napoleon's reign, or was it so remote as to be off the radar screen for him to notice?

Rachna said...

wow, you really are lucky to have been to so many beautiful places. I love the pictures too. And, about confusion that's fine. Men are never too good at remembering things, it is very much female domain :D.