Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oops. . . . . .

It is interesting to watch people from different countries, who speak different languages and have different culture converge in one place as tourists.

Some are excited and talk animatedly while some silently take in all the view that the country has to offer.

Some come with their expensive cameras to take the excellent shot that they are dreaming of.

Some set up their tripods and wait for the perfect sunset.

While others make do with their small point and shoot.

There were times when I missed my tripod (especially while shooting movies) but the thought of lugging them around everywhere made me leave it at home.
By the way this is the sunset at Normandy. I had to just keep clicking, and with the lapse of every 30 seconds, the hue of the red sky kept changing.

Marken, an island in Holland is a good place for photogrpahy.
You can capture some nice story book pictures like ". . . . . and she was grazing the sheep in the meadow when......."

Had been to this restaurant to get a bite and we parked ourselves outside so that we could enjoy the sun and have a good view of the people passing by

 and also enjoy the music that these street singers were playing

(oh this picture reminded me, that ice cream Haagen Dazs is really great, we were on the lookout for outlets that sell this) 

We were impressed by this waiter who balanced his tray well and served with efficiency.

I was clicking away while Christine (wifey’s cousin) was also clicking from another angle.

Suddenly there was a faux pas and the expression of the people and the bottle actually falling down was caught on Christine’s camera.

Nothing great but once in a lifetime shot from a point and shoot camera.

That’s the three of us.

And in case you are wondering what we were having . . . . .

You get some funny results when you request others to click you.

“Madam can you click us together?”

And this is what we got. Either she misjudged my height or she thought my face was not good enough to be clicked and was taken in by wifey’s dazzling smile. In all probability her finger went to the zoom button while clicking.
Anyway I like this picture and am keeping it.

And then there are these “wedding shots at special locations”

Like this one which was close to the Eiffel tower with the merry go round as the backdrop

Or this one at Amiens

Or this one at Versailles outside the palace.

You could see the boredom on the couple's face when they were off camera and were waiting for the ordeal to be over.

On the last day in Paris, we decided to have a proper meal in a proper restaurant. This was clicked by the boy who worked there. First he spoke to us in French, but switched over to fluent Hindi. Yes he was from India (Hoshiarpur) and could not bear to see us struggling with French.


Daisy said...

These pictures are quite nice, Joe. I liked the wedding pictures. The one "almost of you" and your wife made me laugh. Your wife does indeed have a beautiful smile.

We had someone take a picture of us once. We were way down on the bottom right side of the frame, almost out of the shot. I guess he was trying to take a picture of the scenery behind us. We laughed about it when we saw it.

Jeannette said...

It is interesting how the other folks in the restaurant picture all seem to be focused on the camera taking the picture of your party. Fun shots, and as always, fun observations.

Natasha in Oz said...

I love that shot of the drink falling! That was fabulous timing.

What a lovely day you all had!

Best wishes,

anilkurup said...

A good photo journey!!

carinamodella said...

nice photographs! I enjoyed looking all the pictures.

Renu said...

Lovely pictures, specially of the weddings!!!

Bikramjit said...

beautiful pictures .. and you have captured some great moments ..

Thanks for sharing

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Lovely bold colours of the bride's gown in Amiens. Guess everyone is as colourful?

Susan Deborah said...

What do I say? Everything is so special and lovely. I esp liked the picture of the waiter spilling his wares and the expression on the customer's faces. You do the knack for capturing scenes and images and so does your relative.
Your wife's dazzling smile and her head on your forearm is splendid.

Joy always,

Sovina said...

These pictures are so great! And, rightly said - world itself is one big tourist destination. It is amazing how travel brings so many people together. The wedding shots are great too!

And, I agree - Shahid has got some good genes from his father. The movie is MAUSAM :)

dr.antony said...

Good pictures. Yes,sometimes you don't have time to setup things.Handycams help in travel.
Most of Europe looked similar to me, uniformly beautiful.The place has history and culture and that is why it stays so.

rama said...

It was fun reading through your blog. So it is a vacation with the family.What are the countries in your agenda?
Good. Have a great time!

Shadow of my life said...

beautiful pichas :)