Thursday, November 19, 2009

Better be careful

The other day I was strolling down Koregaon Park when a handsome man came out of the famous German Bakery and smiled at me as he passed by. I dared not smile back for the simple reason that he looked like a foreigner (probably an Asian holding an American passport) How do I know all that? Well in these difficult days its best to know and check the credentials of a person before you smile back. Who knows after some years there may be an inquiry and I may find myself behind bars for smiling back at a person who came to India with evil intentions. Later on I found the same handsome man saunter into the nearby gym. I hope the trainers there won't speak to him. Can't they see that his father is a diplomat from Philadelphia. I pity those trainers as they are going to face the music after a couple of years.

I am also worried about the trip that I made to Kochi last year to visit my in laws. I do remember strolling down outside the Taj Residency (now named Gateway) with my wife. I hope no one saw us taking that stroll. After all one has to be careful in case there are some anti social elements staying there in the Taj.

And while in Kochi there was a Janmashtami procession in front of Jayalaxmi. While my wife was busy selecting the best dress material, I went out and clicked some pictures of the colourful procession.
dead pan


Later while downloading the pictures I found a picture of a foreign tourist who was equally fascinated by the procession. But now on a closer look I see a policeman following him. I wonder if I should report the matter to the authorities. (at least it will be a decent picture to splash around the TV and newspapers instead of a burnt out hazy black and white picture)
Looking for the right frame.
All said and done I am sure nothing will happen to me. After all I am not any famous film producer/director’s son.


Nostalgia said...


Casuarina said...

A very intelligent, Khushwantish post, incisive without being judgemental. Says much for the state of affairs all around us without directly condemning any particular person or agency. Impressive !

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Isn't it a shame that in today's world and times, we have to be careful who we even smile at? I'm sure you're safe...keep that smile ;)

Haddock said...

Some send comments through mail.
Here is one of them:
hi joe
what a story
very creative, enjoyed it
.........Kirit Oza

lol for that lol

Well not exactly Khushwantish ....... but you are pretty close to the actual guy.
One more guess allowed. (Hint :he is a Parsee)

Totally agree with you.

Christine said...

RE: the colorful procession
The costumes are great, but the shoes throw the whole thing off. And even if it's practically against the law to smile, people could at least look slightly happier, especially with all that color.

Neha said...

ah pune, KP...i am all nostalgic now...and pretty neat photos...i admire all those who are good at photography..:)

Reena said...

good one :)