Friday, January 4, 2019

Little Angels school Sports Day 2018

It is nice to see children enjoy when they dance and that too perfectly synchronized with the instructor and other performers. 

Had a chance to cover the Sports day of Little Angels School (Pune) and this was one of the items they put up.  I can imagine the practice sessions they went through. 

The march past and oath taking was impressive 

The usual practice of running with the torch is done as a relay, but I liked the idea of each member of the relay team following the torch. 

Each game was well designed and tailored to keep the participants active. 

This game of soaking the water in a sponge and squeezing it in a beaker had the parents sweating it out for a change. 

The race with the tyre reminded me of my childhood when this was a regular affair with me 

It was good to see the sack race still being a part of the school sports event. 

The display of the martial arts was something to watch, especially the breaking of the tiles. 

As usual the last item of the day was the tug of war for parents and it is obvious which side won.

The parents were happy to pose with their children at the victory stand. 

Mr Jehangir, the director of the school made an advance announcement of the first ever store opening in Mumbai where children who are differently abled will be working, and the store will be called “The Little Bridge”  

Captured most of the event and made two short videos of it.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Very heart warming indeed - Beena Beliappa

Susan Kane said...

That is marvelous and impressive!

DUTA said...

I must say your photos and videos are very good! Both the visual and the sound part make the viewing smooth and enjoyable.
Little Angels, great performers! With practice they could go far in the sportive area.

Kudos to the children, the parents, the instructors, and everyone else contributing to the success of such positive events!

joeh said...

Always loved relay races in school.

Iris Flavia said...

Here it was called "Bundesjungendspiele" and it was a funless pain.
The event in your place looks like fun, how great for everybody!
Also that kids may use the mice and announce events, sweet!

trees said...

Thank goodness some things never change. The sack race, most of us have done that in school. And your comment on the tyre race... remember you doing that 😀

Unknown said...

God bless you Jehangir and your wonderful family of children teachers and well wishers.
May you continue in your endeavours of compassion,large heartedness and well being of mankind.
You are an amazing inspiration to one and all.

Sampath Yerra said...

Quite a good coverage of the events. Thanks for sharing it. It was indeed very good effort from teachers and other staff. Lot of children displayed originality coupled with discipline. Great show overall.

Unknown said...

Mr Jehangir.Your efforts,dedication, passion to ensure every child is special is commendable . The more I see their spirit,the more I get attracted to your institution.Add me in your Little Angels Family too.🙏Please involve me in your work to help these angels

Bijoux said...

I love The Little Bridge! I wish there were more of these forms of employment available here.

Jenny Woolf said...

How heart warming! I hope they all have a wonderful New Year.

Anonymous said...

Children must have enjoyed so well. The instructors must have had a tough time practicing with them. But at the end of the day it was a good visual treat for all of them including the parents. -Daisy Kanattu

Howard Hill said...

Great photos & video. Loved the march past to Colonel Bogey!

Anonymous said...

Nice images

Anonymous said...

Nice article Joe. Very well elaborated.
‘The little bridge' is a great idea to help these kids. - Natekar Awadhut

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