Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Masters of yesteryears

Everyone has that one teacher (or teachers) who stand out in their life and they never fade. It is very rare that you meet your teacher after three decades. I am talking about Mr M G Ghokale who taught us Engineering drawing when we were undergoing training at Telco (now Tata Motors) 

Met him today at a friend’s son’s wedding.

It is said that if you can master the art of reading an engineering drawing, then designing a component is an easy task. This will be vouched by all those who underwent tutelage by Mr MG (that is what we used to call him) He was very particular about the letterings and the dimensioning practices that are used in engineering drawings. 

At the bottom you can see the date and MG’s signature.  That is almost 44 years ago. (I still hold on to my old journals)  I remember the piece of advice he gave “always carry a small diary and a pencil in your pocket. Ideas will hit you at the most unexpected time. Jot it down immediately as you are bound to forget it later”  This is so true.

I also admire (and practice) the method he taught us about “remembering things” He demonstrated this in our class. He asked each one of us to name any two objects. He said he can later reproduce what each one of us named (at random) There were 30 of us in the class and he did deliver what he promised. I had mentioned Typewriter and Rose. He said the trick to it was “I just visualised Joe sitting in front of a typewriter with a rose on the typewriter. That picture was frozen in my mind so its easy to reproduce it if you mention any one of these three things”  

Somewhere along the way he left the nine to five job to pursue his passion “creating special surgical instruments” He is now 79 and still indulges in his passion. I am told that surgeons take him to the operation theater where he can actually see the requirement of the doctors and then design and create the instruments. What a wonderful way to live a retired life. Every day is a challenge.

He has won the Industrial Merit Award in 1990 and the Bharat Gaurav in 1996.

Coming back to the Engineering drawing, I think it is no more required now as everything is created by the computers and there is no thinking involved.

But I am happy I learned it the hard way as it helps me in my day to day life.


DUTA said...

He looks good for his age, probably because his mind is constantly working and creating.
You post is a nice tribute to the person who was your teacher and had a significant impact on your life and career.

Andrew said...

Yes, there is always that one teacher. I am trying to remember what we called such classes. It was either tech drawing or mechanical drawing. His notebook advice is very wise for anyone who writes.

KParthasarathi said...

Not all the teachers have the passion or patience to make sure that the wards under him understand the concept of what is taught.Those few remain etched in our memory..The post is a rich and glowing tribute to a well deserved teacher.It is nice of you to write about him

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
Like the blog.
MG Sir still looks good for his age. I think I might still have my Engineering Drawing Journal somewhere. Nowadays AutoCad does all the things he taught us to do.
George Mathew

Haddock said...

Yes George, AutoCad came in which was further replaced by "ProE" and "Catia"
Recently (before my retirement) I had pointed out to one of my colleagues "if you give that drawing you made to the shop floor, you will get the mirror image of actually what you want" He was flabbergasted and said "but there can't be any mistake, this a drawing created by ProE. It has to be right" Actually what had happened was that he did not set the Angle of projection right in the system. I could easily spot the mistake, thanks to MG who taught us how to read a drawing by using First Angle projection and third angle projection. So much for the new generation who completely depend on machines!!

Raj Sharma said...

He is an Icon in our lives. A lot of what I am today, I owe it to him. Electronics was an odd ball trade at that time. ITI did not cover and NCTVT was sort of on the edge. I recollect how he led us thru this. Nevertheless, he ensured that we received the highest quality of oriention to this. Our basic text books by Paul Malvino and another one by Donald Knuth in Electronics now are regarded as fundamental. He played an instrumental role in getting these books assigned to our trade. I am at a misfortune not being able to interact with him because I am dealing with a multitude of technologies that drives robotic surgery.

Shoyeb Shaikh said...

Joe, I am not an FTA hence I don't know MG sir.
Since I have worked for long 38 years I could recognised some stalwarts ex FTA's. Nice seeing old friends.
Thanks regards Joe.

Sunil Dahake said...

Hi Joe,
I do have my old journals too. I still remember the way Gokhale Sir taught us how to read and draw Engineering drawing which has helped us to elevate my career in Telco ( Tata Motors). Now the days are gone to get such kind of Gurus. The methodic way of teaching drawing has created interest in such a complicated topic. Thanks to Gokhale Sir and to you also for writing such a nice blog.

Sunil Dahake

Anonymous said...

Great! I am from FTA 14, I remember him always telling us to carry a diary and pencil as any idea can strike you at any time. "Ideas are unlimited" was his motto.. - Anant Bhat

Jayant K. Harde said...

Ideas unlimited by MGG

Jim and Sandie said...

I am so thankful for men and women like him who can pass on their knowledge to others and continue to make life better for me.

Anonymous said...

Although throughout my 34 Yrs of my tenure at TML , I had no official contact with Mr MG Gokhale sir but I knew him by face and through admiration you guys (pass outs from TD ) used to do during our official meetings .
Indeed ,you portrayed Great life sketch of Mr Gokhale Sir and his qualities as Engg Drg Teacher. I am impressed about his dedication to his profession.
I wish Long & Healthy life to Mr Gokhale Sir.

Kim Standard said...

Wow decades later you meet. That is unusual. I need to follow his advice of writing ideas down cause I constantly forget them.

Anonymous said...

Brought back wonderful memories. - Kersy Mehta

Sindhu Devi K said...

Wow! Such an awesome article about the sweet and inspiring memories you are cherishing! MG has now inspired many through your article, Joe Sir. I felt amazing to know about the memorizing technique MG shared with you. He must be a real hero!

Thanks,Joe Sir, for visiting my blog because of which I am now able to gain some precious gyan through your posts. Motivated following your write up.

Nas said...

He sounds the best teacher for his students!

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled even when I read the blog and your messages. Feeling fortunate too, had such excellent mentors in our time. Purely golden/platinum days - Sanjay Bhave

Anonymous said...

Good one Joe Sir!!
Indeed teacher is one of the most precious jewel who decorates your life with pure knowledge & way of leading into life.

From the post we can imagine Mr. Gokhale’s stellar attitude towards learning & work. His perfectionist kind of approach which reflected on you is well witnessed by us through our rich association with you during the work.
We always relied on you for the guidance on correctness of drawings. Keep sharing!
I am sure you are doing great by indulging in your passion of blogging, travelling & Photography. Have a great day ahead.

Thanks & Regards,

Bharat Waghmode

Pixel Peeper said...

Computers are only as "smart" as the people who operate them! :-)

I have a special teacher, too. My English teacher from college and I still have lunch a few times a year. I moved over 1200 miles away from where I went to college, but it turned out that her in-laws live in the very town where I ended up after several moves. So after 16 years of no contact, we now see each other every time she is in town for a visit with her in-laws.

Ravi Pankha said...

Marvelous Joe. The way u put the blogs. Undoubtedly M G sir is a stand out person and teacher. The way he was speaking softly with us, The way he accomplished his dreams in middle age with courage. All is extra ordinary. Till date he seems to have maintained his fitness. I wish him long life.

Once again thanks for enlightening our old memories with your hand outs.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

He sounds amazing. The way he used visualization to remember is impressive.

Pooja said...

Hi, Very Good Article.
Thanks for sharing. keep up the good work

Unknown said...

Above all of the comments posted, Mr. MGG was a thorough gentleman to the core !!!