Sunday, September 17, 2017

Pune and Cycling

What could be a better place to flag off a cycle rally to bring in awareness among people regarding the benefits of cycling. S.P. College which was built exactly a century ago has been a mute witness to the transformation of this city from the “City of Cycles” to two wheelers and four wheelers. 

I reached there at 6.15 am and found this huge crowd in front of me waiting to get their names ticked off (against the online registration) 

Noticed people from all age groups. I was told that the eldest guy was 82 years old (and the youngest was 6) About 1200 citizens took part. 

The organizers made all the necessary announcements and the guys who opted for the 22 kms cycling was waved off first. 

There were other shorter Cyclothon tracks of 12 kms and 8 kms.
I could not snap pictures en route as I was a participant in the 22 km rally. The route was from S P college, Tilak Rd, FC Rd, University Rd, Pashan, Bavdhan, Chandani Chowk, Paud Rd, Karve Rd and back to S P College.
It was nice to see early morning Sunday joggers on the way. It was also nice to see very young boys and girls taking part in the cycle rally. They were later felicitated on completion. 

On the whole there was a sense of happiness and camaradeire among all the participants with the feeling that they have accomplished something. 

Have made a one minute video on the complete event.

While clicking S P College, my cycle decided to make its appearance in the foreground, participant number PC 118   :-)   


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that you were part of the rally. Keep up the spirit of adventure. - Theresa Mathews.

Sujatha Sathya said...

an 82 year old taking part in a cycle rally! wonderful!

such events help energize people of all age groups

nice event - nicely covered in your post

Anvilcloud said...

It would be fun to participate in an event like that.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Joe. Happy for your cycling and finishing the event. Most definitely you feel a sense of accomplishment. Hurrah to you. Three cheers - Padmini

Elephant's Child said...

What an amazing crowd. Huge congratulations to everyone who participated.

CAntony said...

Congrats to all on participating and completing 22km! Especially to you, Joe Chettan! Is that a GoPro I see? =)

Haddock said...

Hi CAntony,
It is not a Go Pro but something similar. (Sunco Action Camera 4K SO61)
I hired it (for Rs 250/-) to see how it works. The result is good but mounting on a handle bar is not a good idea. Unfortunately it did not come with a helmet mount attachment.
All that you saw in the video is the result of what I captured with my hand held mobile camera.

Christine said...

Great exercise and fun!

Chris Lally said...

Great post! A delightful slice of life!!

tulika singh said...

This sounds like fun. Group events such a marathons and rallys have such a motivating vibe. I've only been to a few Pinkathons and it is wonderful. Loved your pictures and congratulations for participating.

Theresa Mahoney said...

This is an event my husband would love. He's really into cycling. Me, though, am not very good on the bike lol said...

What a professional, exciting video. I love it, and the energy that made the event happen. Great job.
Thank you for visiting, so that I could discover your home in blogland.
Well wishes, and keep cycling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
How have you been??... I love reading your blogs and you have become an expert at your videos....they are absolutely professional - Jesse Lobo

Bhavik said...

Nice blog! pretty much covers the entire event in its spirit!

Hey do you know who the official photographer was for this event? or where did they post the pictures / drone videos taken during this event?
btw.. i'm the guy who helped u put on the bag strap at the start line ;)

magiceye said...

Wonderful initiative!

Haddock said...

Hi Bhavik,
Yes I remember taking somebody's help in strapping up my backpack. So it was you :-)
Unfortunately I have no clue about the official photographers or their output.
I had forwarded this blog and the video to Aniket (one of the organisers I presume) but after that nothing happened.
You can contact me on

Nancy Chan said...

A fun and healthy event where the old and young can join. Have a beautiful day!

Jenn Jilks said...

Wow. What an event!

Augustine Xavier said...

Great post Joe, liked both the videos and the post. Am going to start cycling

Anonymous said...

Good experience, nice enthusiasm..!
Wonderful coverage !Thanks for sharing - Sanjay Chandane

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