Sunday, August 20, 2017

Haverthwaite Station

Just loved this mural on the wall in The Station Restaurant 

Had been to the Haverthwaite Railway station which is in Cumbria 

The highlight of the Station was the Restaurant. I think Mrs Maher and her crew did a wonderful job in welcoming the travelers and making them feel at home. 

The place was tastefully decorated with a display of pictures of the old steam engines that hauled many a load. 

The station itself had that old world charm with a small over bridge and signboards showing the right directions. 

Saw this sign next to the ticket office 

Very soon the train pulled in with the steam engine chugging away to glory. 

It was a 18 minute run from Haverthwaite to Lakeside and nostalgic for many to experience the steam engine and the bogies which were used about half a century ago, but still well maintained. 

The view as the train chugged along was something out of this world. 

Made a three minute video on the whole journey.

Once we reached Lakeside we were ferried across in a boat. More on that in the next blog.  


Andrew said...

Really clicking hard and multiple times on the Like button.

Christine said...

Enjoyed your photos and video very much thanks!

Sandee said...

We just took a dinner train to experience a Mystery dinner. It was grand fun. We too love trains.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

Jim said...

I liked your Haverthwaite Railway and Station pictures, Haddock. Of course I like trains and have ridden on a bunch literally all around the world. They were either tourist trains or those serving a transportation function. I've blogged about quite a few, search for "train" on the blogs. One of my favories was of the narrow gauge train ride from Douglas, Isle of Man, up to Ramsey. Along the way, we stopped at Laxey to ride the steam train up the mountain to Snaefell.

padmaja said...

Thanks taking me on that train, the ride was lovely, seemed like riding through a heavenly place!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was creative that the fireplace was the engine's Firebox in the painting - Rowena Helton Zimmerman

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Joe. Loved it - Alan Freeman

Tom said...

...what a wonderful spot for a train lover, I'm sure you had a great time.

Corinne Rodrigues said...

Fantastic pictures. I loved the train travel during a brief visit to the UK.

David Gascoigne said...

The Lake District is surely one of the most captivating areas in all of Britain and it is not hard to appreciate why it was favoured by poets as an object of their rhapsody.

Lowcarb team member said...

The Lake District is one of my most favourite areas to visit.
Lovely to see all of your photographs.

All the best Jan