Monday, July 24, 2017


It is a pleasure to see men dance in unison. 

Yesterday we were at the Market place in Reading (UK) Got to see the Chinewrde dancing the North West Morris. They are based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire. 

Liked their dedication in expressing their art even though the crowd was  thin. This was probably because they had a performance earlier nearby. 

Getting ready for the performance was the major part. 

Having a closer look I realised that the shoes were clogs and its not an easy feat to dance with those heavy clogs. 

The location added to the ambiance with an occasional London taxi adding some colour to it. 

The accordion and the harp gave the right rhythm with the drums holding the beat.

 I did a little recording near the flute and that was when I realised how all the instruments together made the perfect accompaniment for the dancers.

Their next performance is at Sidmouth Folk Week and Warwick Folk Festival in August.
Made a five minute video on it and it is a good visual treat. 
They were ready to answer questions  and said that they would like to welcome new members. Those interested can contact them through their site.
More blogs coming up after exploring a little more in and around Reading.


Lowcarb team member said...

I saw some Morris Dancers a few years back, I think the many groups are kept busy dancing at various festivals, markets etc. around the UK.

All the best Jan

Antonina said...

Interesting dances :) I don't think I've seen anything similar before.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting indeed Joe Uncle !!!
Loved to see elderly ladies dancing so actively !!!!
Thanks for sharing !!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Joe. Nice to see this video of Chinewrde Morris and the other teams.
Regards, Jenny