Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kala Ghoda Festival Part 3

A few of the other things that I clicked at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival.  Wall paintings I found at one of the by lanes near by.

The present Kala Ghoda against the noon sun, erected just three months ago. The plaque gives the name of the Architect as Alfaz Miller and the sculptor as Shreehari Bhosale. 

Those old Chai kettle is making a colourful comeback  

Some enthusiastic school kids were having a gala time in the drawing competition.  

And others were trying their hand at decorating a pie. 

The creation of some kid, her interpretation of Rapunzel 

Some kids had a feel of the potter’s clay. The pots they created were looking funny, but at least they got a good idea of how the potter’s wheel works. 

At a stall I saw this cookery book being sold, signed by the author Pooja Dhingra. 

At cross maidan there were some fancy food trucks dishing out some Indian food.  

While walking away from Kala Ghoda I noticed this building on the right which I feel is a part of Lion Gate. If you ignore the building in the background then the structure on the left and the one on the right can make a good street scene for a period film, maybe one of Bombay during the early forties. 


Anonymous said...

Like that colourful mural on the wall in the first picture. - Hemant Talwar

SweetMarie said...

love the horse. so much happening. nice murals. love seeing kids learning and trying new things.
I would be in the food truck line. lol
happy weekend!

padmaja said...

Very interesting pictures, I really miss Mumbai.