Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Flickr and the Green Bee Eater

I observed that I was spending more time in front of my computer and less time outside. I know that this is not healthy but photography assignments (and later processing them)  keep me chained to the desktop.
So I took my camera and went out on to the terrace.  I scanned the tree tops and within 10 minutes I spotted this cute little bird sitting on a branch, about thirty meters away from me. I got some shots and a little video clipping of my new little friend.
Later while processing the picture I was surprised to see the crisp and clear picture, considering the fact that I was using a point and shoot camera with no tripod.
This goes to prove that you don't need a sophisticated camera or high end lens to capture a good picture.

I uploaded it on my Flickr site and the picture made it to the Explore section of that day.

Once a picture makes it to the Explore section the number of hits just shoots up. As of date it has 7323 views, 276 favourites and 18 comments (all within 10 days)

The Green Bee Eater is found from Gambia to Ethiopia and in Asia from India to Vietnam. They predominantly eat insects especially bees, wasps and ants which are caught in the air by making sorties from an open perch. Before swallowing the prey, a bee eater removes stings and break the exoskeleton of the prey by repeatedly thrashing it on the perch.
They sun bathe more frequently than other bee eating species and sometimes bathe in water by dipping in water in flight. Now that is something I want to see.



Kokila Gupta said...

What a wonderful capture! I visited your flickr page and just saw the sweet little bird..it's really very cute and the picture quality is amazingly good! Nice!👌

Liz A. said...

Oh wow, flickr. It's been way too long since I've looked there. (My poor account has cobwebs.)

Antonina said...

I always console myself saying that one doesn't need a sophisticated camera to take nice photographs. Glad to see a valid proof :)

Margaret-whiteangel said...

Well now, see what happened when you went outside :)
Beautiful bird and a good capture of it, well done.

Crystal Collier said...

I love it when you get one of those shots! That's why I snap like crazy when taking pictures. One of them is bound to turn out.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Great action shots Joe -- heck great people shots. I am not at all good at people photos.