Wednesday, November 2, 2016

All Souls Day

People usually visit the cemetery on all souls day to pay their respects to their near and dear ones. I make it a point to walk around and have a look at all the graves, some colourfully decorated 

while some make it simple with just a single bouquet 

It’s a pleasure to walk around the St Sepulchers cemetery in Pune.

I saw these small graves which were unmarked (probably infants) but someone had left some flowers on the graves  

Some sit down and painstakingly arrange each and every flower 

I noticed this dog with a collar. Was he spending a few minutes of solitude with his master? 

Some of the graves looked uniform, (with similar decorations) 

If you have the time and patience, you get to read some good and meaningful writings on the tombstones. 

I noticed that on the older tombstones, the cause of the death was also mentioned. 

I was fascinated by the statue of an angel behind this lady 

I don’t think the present day craftsman can make anything like this in marble or stone.

The next time I must make it a point to go early. The noon sun is not the right time to click pictures.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the blog! the cemetery does come to life on all souls day. regards - Joellan Fernandes

Augustine Xavier said...

Nice post Joe, the peacocks must've felt like the people have encroached their peaceful bliss. Happy Feast of the All Souls Day!

DUTA said...

Cemeteries are interesting places. This in your post sure is such a place.
The problem with flowers is that they might stain the tombstone (it depends on the quality of the stone or marble of which it is made).
The picture with the dog is priceless.

MJ said...


belladonna said...

Lovely post JoeZ. Beautiful pictures. Very heartwarming. It's dià de muertos, here.

belladonna said...

Lovely post JoeZ. Beautiful pictures. Very heartwarming. It's dià de muertos, here.

Michelle said...

I enjoy cemeteries and this one is very beautiful. Nice to see people taking care of their loved ones graves.

Poppy said...

Interesting to read about the cultural similarities and differences with regards to All Souls Day. The dog needing to be near his departed master is such a moving image.


Red Rose Alley said...

I like that statue - I am wondering if it's a lady or angel? I often visit the cemetery to see my mom and dad, and sometimes leave a single rose.

Have a good rest of the week, Haddock.


tina said...

A very solemn place indeed. Especially the dog there by himself.

Maniparna Sengupta Majumder said...

The lines on the gravestones- they are so meaningful, but made me a bit sad...

The statue is really a unique one!

Jenny Woolf said...

I never knew of this tradition of decorating graves but I think it is wonderful. I wish it was done here, it would make the graveyards more colourful at that time of year.