Tuesday, June 14, 2016

LGBT in the news

The LGBT group is in the news for some time for different reasons and the worst is for the horror that took place at Orlando.

 There are people who are for and against the LGBT but nothing justifies one human being killing another.
What still baffles me is why are weapons of mass destruction sold freely over the counter. If one guy can single handedly kill 49 people and maim an equal number, then definitely an assault rifle is a weapon of mass destruction.  

Had witnessed two Gay Pride Parades, one in Amsterdam and another at San Francisco. The later was just after the Supreme court declared same sex marriage legal in all 50 states. 

The parades I witnessed were very colourful and it was a photo opportunity for many. 

I liked the formation in this picture with the flags showing the country, the state, the city and the event (in that order)

 The Recology department of San Francisco was there in formation with their bins.

Posting some pictures at random, clicked on the day.

Some renowned people also took part in the parade. 

It was good to see families coming out in support. 

There was some good Band display too including the Irish Pipers Band.

You can see more pictures and video clips in this 15 min video


magiceye said...

Nice captures!

Lowell said...

Colorful is the word! And I'm impressed with your many photos. Looks like everyone had a great time!

Mary Kirkland said...

People can be so cruel, I don't think I'll ever understand how one person can hate like that enough to go out and kill poeple.

George said...

You got some great pictures of the parade.

Loco mente said...

It is a terrible terrible thing... I mean I think sexual orientation is a personal choice... Anyways... Nice and cheerful pictures... Thanks for sharing!

betty said...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

I always like a colorful parade! When we lived in Montana, at all the parades the participants would throw out candy to those watching the parade; an extra treat indeed!



Thank you for leaving a comment in my blog today. Your visit was appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to go to a parade one day. I always miss the ones in my area and the ones in cities I travel to.

Nina said...

Fantastic photos from the parade!

Anonymous said...

Hello Joe,
Yes the ban on assault rifles is long overdue in the U.S. but
vested interests oppose such bans. Such a Tragedy.
Bindumadhav Khire
Gay Activist and President Samapathik Trust, Pune

Anonymous said...

Dear Joe,
Thanks for sharing your lovely collection of photos from a Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of people enjoying themselves freely and without fear of any kind. America - and especially NY State and California - have made great progress in terms of individual liberties.

Many parts of the world ( and sadly even large parts of the US too) are still engulfed in, and inextricably caught up with archaic notions of gender roles, homophobic views, intolerance and bigotry. I'm not surprised there is so much violence going around.

Please continue your wonderful work!
Bharat Wakhlu

Insignia said...

Colorful pictures. Rightly said; intolerant acts such as killing one other due to differences in beliefs is tolerated.

tina said...

Well I think the good thing to come out of the tragedy is more acceptance and awareness. No one is blaming the victims for a change! It was an awful thing.

Jens Hamn said...

Love has no gender, but fools will be still in this world ! unfortunately ... Very good your article!

Bea said...

Skipped Pride in SF today, but did manage to spend some quiet time at the Aids Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park. -fun photos. The Recology crew with their bins look fabulous.

Bea said...

Skipped Pride in SF today, but did manage to spend some quiet time at the Aids Memorial Grove in Golden Gate Park. -fun photos. The Recology crew with their bins look fabulous.

Elle Sees said...

I have never been to theirs before, but it looks like a fun time!