Saturday, May 3, 2014

Pune Art Hop

Wildlife photography is something many are passionate about, but to explain it in simple terms and how to go about it is what Ishmeet Sahni is good at.

I was observing him and listening to him and most of the things that he said made sense.

One from the audience asked him about workshops to which he replied “Its better that you start off on your own than going for workshops. Focal length, aperture, ISO, one third rule. . . . . all this is going to get you bored even before you start photography.”

One advice that he gave for bird photographers “never stand up when you are shooting a bird. They will simply fly away. A big bus can pass very close to the bird and it will stay put, but a human being stands up and it flies away” 
Some of his work were on display.

You can see more of his work at his Flickr site (click here)

Ishmeet was one of the artists who took part in the Art Hop held by Pune Mirror in Koregaon Park last Sunday.

I tried to cover as much as possible of these 14 locations.
For example when I located and reached the venue for drum circle it was all over and this is what I got:

Personalised cakes by Mohena Ahluwalia. 

Something else that took place at the Art Sphere was the belly dance performance.

Then there was a solo play by Hina titled “Mujhse Shadi Karoge?” (Will you marry me?)

This trio (below) gave a swell performance. While the two girls enacted their part, the boy did a good job on the keyboard. There was a good rapport between them. They were good enough to pose for me (sorry I did not get their names)

There were dances in various forms:

This guy had some photographs from the daily life of Delhi for sale.

Selfies are the order of the day

Young artists tried their hand at painting

While other got themselves painted

Craftwork with rolled papers by Nupur.

Digital art work by Filomina.

There were many paintings and art work on display (and for sale)

This one below was made from audio tape reels by Pooja Kamble. 

There are many more photographs that I am not putting up here.

I think Pune Mirror did a good job in arranging the whole event which included transport from point to point.

I have compiled all the artists and their presentation into a 16 min video (when I say all, I mean what I could possibly cover on that day)

Those who want to see the complete Odissi recital can click here

And for those who want to see the Salsa, click here

Enjoy the video J


Anonymous said...

Like that picture by Sahni. (the boys with the Dholki)
- Charles

Beate said...

The Pune Art Hop sounds like something I would have loved to go to! The advice on wildlife photography is great and I love the variety in things they displayed. I'll go check out that video now :)

Anonymous said...

Great blog. Loved the photography advice. Especially the one about never standing up while trying to get a shot of a bird. Enjoyed reading...thanks for sharing - Joellan Fernandes

Sandee said...

Photography is tough work, but those that learn how to do it right get some breathtaking shots.

Have a fabulous day. ☺

George said...

It sounds as if the photographer had a great deal of good advice. The entire event looks like it was very enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Joe thanks for the write on the Workshop and the link to my Flickr page. Also of all the information about the other happenings at "Art Hop Pune 2014".

I have also written a blog on the Dehu Palkhi 2013, it can be reached @


Anonymous said...

I am pleased to know that you liked my image of the boys with the Dholki. This image is part of a Photo Essay on the Dehu Palkhi. If you have the time you can see the complete essay @


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Fabulous photos!!!!!!

Shwets said...

I liked the bird image and the one with the drums. Informative post Joe.

Crystal Mary said...

Hello India from Australia, I enjoyed looking at your different art, clay statue and belly dancing. Your heritage is a delight. God Bless you.

Chirasree Banerjee said...

Undoubtedly a productive event! All the photographs are lovely! Cheers :)

Saru Singhal said...

I wish I can one such event. Enjoyed the video.

Saru Singhal said...


pooja mahimkar said...

oh wow, so many events happening. This sure does look interesting! and lovely pictures btw. Loved the Bird Photography tip.

Carole M. said...

there was so much to participate in and enjoy at this event. I'd have liked the wildlife/birdlife photographic talk and the dancing ....

Susan said...

A great event. I really enjoyed your reporting of it. Love the art too :D)

River said...

All the art works are really good, but I like the sound of drum circle best. That sounds like it would be so much fun and I'm sorry you missed it. "Never stand up when photographing a bird" is good advice, but if you are already standing, it's best just to not make sudden moves I should think.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a great event and what great photographs! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, so kind of you!

Lady Lilith said...

Nice post. Looks like everyone had fun.

Indrani said...

Nice of the photographer to have shared tips. Great pics, I like the one of the bird in flight.

B said...

I had gone to a photgraphy lesson and I will say it was useless , so yeah start on ur own and then maybe take a course .. I am so bad at photography ,

and I bet that was a productive day you spent , with all that going on ..


shanti swaroop prabhakar said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.