Sunday, March 9, 2014

Visual treat

Yes, this is going to be a visual treat for those who like to drink.

Had been to this liquor store in Colorado, with my friends. This is supposed to be the largest liquor store in Colorado and has been there for almost half a decade.
While my friends were picking up their bottles, I took a stroll around the store. I was fascinated by the colourful labels that some of the bottles had.   

Designing a label (especially for a bottle) requires ingenuity.  For example this one of Skinny Girl has four varieties, and the one which says “Island Coconut” makes it look like as if half a coconut is inside the bottle.

The shape and the size of the bottle too have to match the name, when you compare this with the Livingston.

This Momo Kawa reminded me of my school days when I used to come home with ink sprays on my uniform almost everyday to the exasperation of my mother.

The collection of bottles here is from all over the world. Like the Vieux Telegraphe  which is from France

The label of Alice White makes it obvious that it is from Australia

More from Australia

I like this simple sketch and the colour scheme used for these Red Wine bottles (they are from north eastern Spain)

Cono Sur from Chile – the bicycle represents their spirit of innovation, passion, commitment and respect for environment.

Maybe M F Hussein could have thrown some light about the drawing on the label of Lagar.  

Like this simple design of the Wine from Germany (Riesling) Wonder what that conch is doing at the top. 

This bottle has a painting by the famous artist Gaby Hahn. 

This Pinot Grigio is made from grapes hand selected from some of the best sites along the Italian border in Slovenia. 

A Chianti wine is produced in the Chianti region in central Tuscany. 

The Ladoucette family have been producing wines for over 600 years in their 165 hectare estate of Chateau di Nozet in Pouilly (France) 

What a unique way to name a brand. Seven Daughters is a blend of seven carefully chosen grape varieties, crafted together into a sophisticated yet fun wine. 

Flame Thrower will attract any one’s attention. Schnapps is a term that refers to any kind of strong alcoholic beverage. The English “schnapps” is derived from the German Schnaps. 

Liqueurs are a class apart. What a way to seal a bottle. Reminds me of the good old Post Office and their seal and the sealing wax. 

This Hazelnut Liqueur has a story. According to legend Frangelico lived three centuries ago in a hilly area bound by the river Po. He lived as a hermit and through his love of nature and knowledge of its secrets, created unique recipes for liqueurs. The most precious one of all was one of liqueur made from wild hazelnuts with infusions of berries and flowers to enrich the flavour.
Well, the shape of the bottle looks convincing which includes the Cincture around the waist. (Brother Juniper?)

Another one from Ireland, Saint Brendan’s Irish Cream Liqueur.

Like this container of Corn Whisky 

Are these mugs for the Moscow Mule? I don’t know but these copper mugs are a familiar sight in pubs. The christening of the Moscow Mule is an interesting story as per Wikipedia 

This may look like some fancy stuff but these Vinocopia Wines has developed a barrel in which you can store your wine. So when guests arrive, you can fill their glass from a tap. Ever wondered how the wine is stored in this wooden barrel?

OK, all this is coming from a teetotaler, so you may have to verify the authenticity of all what I said above.
Cheers J  


Anonymous said...

Like that Frangelico bottle.

Dee said...

Hello and thank you for your creative curiosity that gave us all these photographs of wine and liqueur bottles. I've been in liquor stores before and bought an occasional bottle of wine, but never really strolled around and looked at labels. I can see I've been missing a lot of history. Peace.

TexWisGirl said...

i have been known to buy liquor or wine just because i liked the bottle. usually, though, i stick to my favorites. :)

Elephant's Child said...

What fun. Some of these I knew, most I didn't. Thank you for your research.

Alka Gurha said...

Delightful pics. Skinny Girl and all the other pics are a visual treat!

Lowell said...

Where is this place in Colorado? I'll have to shop there the next time we visit the state! Lots of those bottles are familiar; some, not so much. Interesting post, though!

Nate Wilson said...

I do drink on occasion, but like you I'm certainly far more interested in the look of the bottle than the contents within.

magiceye said...

Lovely collection!!

Phani said...

my eyes got misty looking at the variety on offer !

Insignia said...

I am on a high! Hic! Hic!

Looking at all these got me enough!

Anonymous said...

Awesome take on the liquor store, the pictures bring your story to life - Jennifer Loretta

Haddock said...

This is the Applejack store in Denver, Colorado.

Poppy said...

I don't particularly like wine, but these bottles are very pretty and would probably purchase some just to place a flower in!

Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

That is a visual treat! So many options to choose from. I really like those copper mugs.

trees said...

Interesting post based on liquor label designs. And really liked the Frangelico bottle.

deeps said...

it s a treat for every one wheather you drink or not :P

Carole M. said...

indeed quite some creativity and you need a big think-tank to come up with something really unique and eye-catching. Some of those bottles may not sell without their label

Saucy Kodz said...

That was quite a post looking at all those labels and interesting to see so many varieties. I just watched your music video below and it is very well done. I am first time visitor to your blog and shall come back to visit. Cheers and have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful creativity, variety and photography. Thank you for sharing with us!!

George said...

I'm also a teetotaler, but I enjoyed your visual treats from this store.

JayaBidkar said...

These are some neat observations..quite impressed

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

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Awesome post .i hope everybody will like your post

Indrani said...

I know a photographer's delight!
Each pic is framed so well. :)