Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Sixty years ago

Every year the Christmas tree is put up. 

In the night it gives a better glow.

As I look at the picture, I realise that there are two things in it that are really old and valuable.
One is the crib which is placed under the tree. This crib has a special significance as it was bought 59 years ago.  As the years went by the colours faded and my Dad repainted them. I remember how he used a strand of coconut fibre (as a brush) to paint the eyes and the eyelashes of the statues. Somewhere along the way we lost one of the sheep but the rest are still intact.

I had a black and white picture of these very statues clicked by my Agfa Click-III, about 40 years ago in a wonderful crib made by my Dad. I am still trying to locate that picture. (I am sure its somewhere in the attic)
The other thing is the big lamp that is hanging above the tree. It is a German Lamp and was bought in 1953 by my mother-in-law with her first salary. That makes the lamp 60 years old.
Its good to have and preserve such old things which brings back memories.
I like this angel. It is a part of the decoration of our tree and its from Africa.

This is a new addition to the tree and I like the wordings on it “when I count my blessings, I count you twice”

That brings us to today’s Xmas menu for lunch.
This picture gives a fairly good idea of the table spread.

To list them out, (from bottom left clockwise) its Chicken roast, Beans, Moor curry, Meen Peera, Salad (cherry tomatoes, lime basil and dressing), Pork Vindaloo and Lime Basil Rice.
The Meen peera is a south Indian delicacy. Its made with Veloori (white sardine) and grated coconut.
I had to click the Chicken Roast once again to show how yummy it was.

It was signed off by Crème Caramel.

 Happy Christmas and a very Happy New Year to all. 


Ze' Incarnate said...

Great one pa!

Phani said...

It a treat to senses, reading your posts, once again it is a yummy post..Merry Christmas Joe, keep posting your stuff , you doing wonderfully, may God bless you and family.

rosadimaggio63 said...

Grazie per esserti fermato nel mio blog.
Buon Natale :)

Theresa said...

How special to still have those ornaments after all these years! And they are still in great condition is a miracle in itself!

I hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Red Handed said...

My God...I am salivating.

Shwets said...

Beautiful pictures & beautiful gesture of keeping those old ornaments that revive one's special memories.My favourite pic is the one with the blessings on it. Hope you had a great x-mas.Wishing happiness & care to you and to your family in the coming year:)

Pallavi said...

Such beautiful memories are attached with the Crib and the lamp Joe :) May every Christmas be filled with joy for you are your family :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Joe Joe Joe!!
Your delightful article (and the pictures!) just made my day! The Christmas spread was mouthwatering. Hope you remembered to kiss the cook!!
Scraps and scribbles --absolutely charming. Loved the stalls (the green stocking with zari border so quintessential Indian) and the quality of handcrafts is amazing. Am going to try the brightly colored threaded bottles at home absolutely loved them.
Have a wonderful season filled with joy and keep the blogs coming.

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dear Haddock,
Thanks for leaving me a comment on my humble blog.
Funny, we used to work in Pune for Weikfield Mushrooms... In September 1998 we were there. Before we did for more than a decade work for Pond's India Ltd. in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.
LOVE the food and we have many fond memories of India.
Wishing you a Happy and healthy 2014.
Under Labels, scrolling down from my blog, you can find under India some writing.

Anonymous said...

It seems in our busy schedule we still make the time to prepare Christmas Sweets and Christmas Dinners/Lunches, your display is mouthwatering. WISHING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY PEACE JOY AND HAPPINESS THIS CHRISTMAS AND A VERY BLESSED NEW YEAR 2014. Ivan D, Chicago,IL

Linda said...

A great spread, love the tree and crib too especially with the glow at night.

Elna said...

Thank you for your comment. You have a very nice and interesting blog. Lovely pictures.

Regards from Sweden

Beena Bharatam said...

Everything about this post is endearing! 😊😊

Renu said...

Wish you a happy New year!

Things and Thoughts said...

Ηappy New Year to you too!!! Thank you for visiting me, it was great to find your blog!

Ash said...

Happy New Year to you and yours!!

DMS said...

Hope you had a Merry Christmas! It was great to see your tree and your special items that have been with you through the years. When I put up my tree it is always a stroll down memory lane. The little houses I put under it were under my grandparents' tree when I was a child and I have ornaments from so many special people and times in my life. ;)

Wishing you a Happy New Year!

Kristina said...

Love all the stories and significance of your decorations and traditions - ours are similar, I think that's really what gives the holiday its meaning. Not the decorations and food itself, but the meaning and history behind them. Happy new year!

Clipping Path said...

Beautiful picture and how special,Wish you Happy new year.

deeps said...

Hope the new year is glowing bright for you

Caroline Taylor said...

Lovely to see the decorations and lunch looks great.

Karen Xavier said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas... tree looks lovely, the little stories that accompany the older pieces are nice to read. Love the silver angel with the beautiful wordings... December is so magical! Wishing you a wonderful 2014 too...

magiceye said...

Beautiful! Wish you and yours a brilliant 2014!!

Voted :)

Nisha said...

Hope the new year brings you much joy & happiness.