Friday, October 4, 2013

Half Way to Hell Club

Just imagine 200,000 people walking, tap dancing and roller skating across this bridge. That is what happened on 27th May 1937 on the inauguration of the world’s longest suspension bridge.
Like me, many do get confused between the two bridges in San Francisco.

The one above is the Golden Gate Bridge and the one below is the Bay Bridge Bridge

One more picture of the Bay Bridge at night

 Before I proceeded to the bridge I had a look at this section of the rope that was placed here.

These pictures below explains it all

As you move ahead on the bridge this rope comes down very low, particularly at this point.

These towers are really massive when you pass under it.

Each tower has approximately 6000,000 rivets.

The Fort Point that is situated right below the Golden Gate bridge is something most of the tourists miss out on.

It is a seacoast fortification on the southern side of the bridge.
One of the pictures from Wikipedia showing the canon inside the Fort Point.

That white contraption you see under the bridge could be a safety net for some work that is presently going on there.

The Half way to Hell Club was formed by 19 men whose lives were saved by the safety net that was used during the construction of this bridge.  That was way back in 1937. The net stretched from end to end.
Wish they had not removed the net after the work was over, as this bridge has become a hot spot for suicides.
There are 1600 confirmed suicides since its opening. The book The Final Leap by John Bateson is based on this. One of the pictures from his book showing police officers trying to coax a suicidal teen back to safety (they succeeded)

 There are survivors too.  One man who survived, swam to the shore and drove himself to the hospital. The impact cracked several of his vertebrae.  After being suspended in the air for about 4 seconds the jumper hits the water at a speed of 120 km/hr. Most jumpers die from impact trauma.

There is a scaled down model on display for the tourists. You can actually move the bridge in sections and when you move it with your hand you realize how flexible  the bridge can be.

After I walked for about 100 meters on to the bridge I experienced the shake every time a vehicle passed through. I presume this shake is what gives the bridge the elasticity to hold on.

No wonder it can withstand earthquakes of 8 points on the Richter scale.
 A statue of a sailor and his duffel bag is used by many as a backdrop to get themselves photographed.

This is dedicated to the ordinary Sailors and Marines who sailed out from this point. Approximately 1.5 million men and women shipped out from San Francisco during WW II

Bicycling around the Golden Gate Park and crossing the bridge to Sausalito is a common feature here with the tourists.

Cycles are available on hire at a nominal cost

It is really chilly and cold when you cross the bridge (especially if you are at the top deck of the bus)

I tried to capture some parts of the bridge on video (nicely bundled in a scarf and ear muffs with tears rolling down my cheek)

Truly an engineering feat and the most photographed bridge.


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