Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Red Rocks

Just about 10 miles from Denver Colorado is this huge natural formation of rocks that has been converted to an Amphitheater.
As we approached the location, I was taken in by the huge stone structure jutting out into the sky.

I noticed that the rock formation in the surrounding area had a peculiar colour and finish.

Tribute should be paid to John Walker who had a vision of artists performing on a stage with perfect acoustic surroundings. He even produced a few concerts on a temporary platform. ( this was way back in 1900)

Later in 1941 this was converted to a full fledged amphitheater with a seating capacity of 9450.

An old picture of how it looked from way up above:

I noticed that the seats were quite wide. I suppose this gives the audience enough space to stand up and dance when the mood demands.

During the day time there are many health enthusiasts who use this place for workouts. You require real good stamina to run up those stands.

 There is a display of the pictures of all the groups who performed at this theater.  

Sonny and Cher, Pat Boone, Beatles, The Carpenters, Rolling Stones, John Denver, U2, Jimi Hendrix . . . . . .  the list is endless.

The Amphitheater was used for filming the start and finish of The Amazing Race.

Almost every big name has done their promotional video shooting at this amphitheater.

A tribute in the form of a statue to all the workers who actually carried out the work of converting the place to a theater.

After visiting the place we had lunch at Willy's Buffalo, which is at the foothills of the Red Rock.

What I liked about Willy's is the patio outside where you could sit and relax after placing the order.

Their favourite (chicken wings) could be ordered in Medium, Hot, Xtra Hot  and Xtra Xtra hot. We ordered in all the varieties and when they were served, the sight itself was appetizing. 

One bite and everyone was scrambling for more. Even though the skin was crisp, it was real meaty and juicy inside, and the taste was divine.  (the Xtra Xtra Hot was not all that spicy as we expected it to be) 
No wonder it has a four star rating on Yelp.

On that appetizing note I sign off, till we reach our next stop. 


TexWisGirl said...

what a fabulous use of nature! how very cool!

Kay said...

I had no idea how huge a place this is! It's beautiful from a distance - and I imagine it must be a fine concert venue. (And seeing your meal at Willy Buffalo's reminds me it's time for dinner. Those wings sure look good!)

magiceye said...

Wow! Fascinating!

Nancy said...

A beautiful place and I enjoyed the facts you provided.

Stephanie said...

Welcome to my state :) Looks like you had a wonderful time and those chicken wings look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Rajesh said...

Interesting rock formations.

Me said...

That was interesting!

chateau chic said...

This is so interesting. I've not been out to Colorado to see this. Great photos!
Mary Alice

Pearl said...

I've never been there, but I've heard it's a must. What a fabulous place for a concert!


Anita said...

What a wonderful trip you and your family are having! I've never been to Colorado. Just this amphitheater alone makes it worth the trip.

Carver said...

I like the rock formation. Looks like a great place for a concert and an interesting post.

walk2write said...

Well now I have another must-see place to visit whenever we get to travel out west. It looks fascinating. Thanks for giving us an excellent tour and an appetizing preview of the local victuals.

Steve Reed said...

Interesting! I've never been to Red Rocks but I've certainly heard of it -- didn't someone have a famous album called Live at Red Rocks? (Probably several different artists had albums like that!)

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Fly Girl said...

What a striking vista! I've never been to Red Rocks but your post inspires me to visit. I love the energy that streams from mountains and ancient rock formations. A note about the extra spicy wings-Most mainstream American palates consider spicy what people accustomed to truly spicy cuisines would consider merely seasoned. I always take the "spicy" label with a grain of salt whenever I travel through the North and Midwestern U.S.

sparkle100-havealook.blogspot.com said...

oh I like the rock formations too.

PhenoMenon said...

Wow a rock formation and a natural theatre too.. Awesome


PAPS said...

Yep I been to Red Rocks and it is amazing.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Betsy Adams said...

Gorgeous outdoor theater.... I have another blog friend who went there not long ago for a concert ---and showed us all around the amphitheater (just like you have done)... That is truly an amazing place. Thanks for sharing.

Ramakant Pradhan said...

An amazing place. The natural formation of the rock should have great acoustics to be used as an amphitheater. Lovely pictures.

Augustine Xavier said...

Dear Joe - One day even I will be here at red rocks, reading your posts makes me feel like i am really there, the photographs are awesome, thanks , thanks, thanks for detailing everybit of it. Great Job!!!